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Their Guiding Light: Meet Orphan Mentor, Cut Pah

“My name is Cut Pah Nurul Asiah, I’m from Aceh and I’m an Orphan Mentor under Global Ehsan Relief Indonesia since March 2022. I’m in charge of Cluster 6 and I have 26 orphans under my care in Banda Aceh.” 

For Orphan Mentor Cut Pah, her mentorship role towards our sponsored orphans in Aceh has been very rewarding. With under 26 orphans under her care, Cut Pah ensures that the orphans are always up to date with their Qur’an memorisation during her visits every week. More than just focusing on their Qur’an memorisation, Cut Pah says that the children are also excelling in different fields in their schools. 

“Our orphans under our mentorship, they are also performing in school. Some join karate, some become class leaders and some are active in their extra-curricular activities. Their passion for learning is undeniable,” Cut Pah shared with a glint of joy in her eyes.

“In the beginning, I did not expect their stories to be as painful and heartbreaking. But it turned out to be much more painful than what I could have imagined.”

Cut Pah, Orphan Mentor in Aceh, Indonesia

Though her own mentorship journey has not been an easy one. When she first joined in March 2022, it had not been easy to get the children to open up to her – especially since they have gone through so much at such a young age. 

“Before this, I didn’t have the opportunity to hear the stories from orphans that are filled with pain and struggles. Most of the time, they go through financial struggles and the majority of them come from a family that is going through an economic turmoil. There was an orphan whose father passed away and left the family with only 100,000 Rupiah (SGD$10) and nothing else. The widowed mother had to fend for herself and her four children, she didn’t know what to do, where to go. Eventually, she found GERID and her child is now one of our sponsored orphans.”

“Another child, she lost her father and her mother remarried. Unfortunately, her stepfather was abusive and the couple split. We also heard of mothers who are forced to find work elsewhere and leave their children with their grandparents. While some parents, they just left their child, just like that,” Cut Pah shared. 

When a child suffers a difficult childhood, it hinders their development – especially in their early years. For Cut Pah, this is evident in the child during their initial mentoring sessions. 

“The situation that they grow up in affects their upbringing. At first they are shy to share their predicament, but slowly they open up to me gradually.”

“These orphans, they’re able to get back up and still have faith despite how big their struggles are.”

Cut Pah, on the strong spirit of the orphans

As an Orphan Mentor, Cut Pah has seen the progress of our sponsored orphans throughout the months. She has high hopes for them, as do we. We believe in the capabilities and strength of our orphans, and we pray for their success as much as their parents, and their mentors do. 

“I hope that no matter what, these children will continue to be consistent with their memorisation of the Al-Qur’an because this is a good deed, and it is a continuous deed that will help their parents as well. I also hope that they will make full use of the sponsorship that they have been blessed with.”

“Lastly, I think what’s important is moral. All these children come from different backgrounds, but what’s important is their morals. I hope that as we instill the love of the Qur’an in them, they will also be instilled with the right morals and values in life, no matter what their situation is,” Cut Pah expressed. 

This Rabi’ul Awwal, make a meaningful difference in a child’s world. By sponsoring an orphan, you’re not only providing food and education, you’re also giving them a chance to dream. Your support can help break the cycle of poverty and create a ripple effect of positivity.

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