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Health Check-Ups for Our Orphans!

Witnessing the positive impact of the event and our Orphan Sponsorship program fills us with joy and gratitude,”

Razeena Sallay, GERSL Staff

On 7th June, our team at Global Ehsan Relief Sri Lanka successfully organised a Medical Camp as part of their Annual Gathering under our Orphan Sponsorship Program

In a nutshell, the annual Medical Camp is organised to ensure that our sponsored orphans in Sri Lanka are getting the medical check-ups that are crucial to their growth. With a portion of our Orphan Sponsorship allocated for the orphan child’s medical care, our teams make sure that our orphans are taken care of to the best of their capabilities. 

The event commenced at 9am, and received tremendous support from government medical officers including dentists, dental therapists, opticians, doctors, medical laboratory technicians as well as attendant staff from both government and private sectors. 

The Regional Director of Health in Trincomalee played a big part in the event, by arranging the Mobile Dental Clinic bus, specifically for this program.

The event opened with a beautiful Quran recitation by one of our Hifz orphans. In total, there were 130 orphaned children present, along with their brothers and sisters. 

The children received medical services such as eye examinations, dental check-ups, general check-ups as well as blood tests, which provide valuable information regarding the red and white blood cell counts, haemoglobin levels and other parameters. After receiving the reports, the medical health officer will give further recommendations if there are any health issues. 

The check-ups have proven to be vital to the orphaned children‘s health. For example, some were identified to be needing spectacles, and were immediately supplemented with what they needed. The mothers and guardians of the orphaned children were very happy to see the positive impact of the event and expressed their gratitude to Global Ehsan Relief. 

Besides the free medical check-up, the children had an enjoyable time engaging in activities such as boating. They also enjoyed a delicious lunch spread, prepared just for them!

Our GERSL staff member, Razeena Sallay shared: “Witnessing the positive impact of the event and our Orphan Sponsorship Program fills us with joy and gratitude. We convey our heartfelt gratitude to all donors who generously sponsor our orphans. At the same time, the government’s support in the success of the event has been invaluable and we extend our heartfelt appreciation for their involvement and contribution.”

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