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Do You Only Help Muslim People In Asia And Abroad?

No. Global Ehsan Relief (GER) helps everyone who needs it the most, regardless of race, religion, or gender. Although most of our work are in Muslim-populous nations, these are the places where they are affected by conflicts, natural disasters, and marginalised by society.

How Does Global Ehsan Relief Raise Funds? How Are They Spent?

Our funds come from institutions, businesses, interest groups, and generous individuals worldwide. GER undertakes several projects such as Waqf Mosque, Food Aid, Education, Global Emergency Relief, Qurban, and Orphan Sponsorship. A small portion of this fund goes to running costs such as staffing, equipment, transport, and delivery of the aid to the beneficiaries.

Annual and project reports are also available to the public to download on our website.

GER views charity through Islamic teachings as a duty. We also ensure that initiatives come from ground level so that local people are engaged in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of each project. This keeps the projects socio-economically relevant and takes into consideration cultural sensitivities.

GER takes a holistic approach when working in the field. When implementing projects such as building Masjids or schools for a community, GER will also ensure the sustainability of such institutions such as the payroll of the Imam and teachers, water and electricity supply, and the upkeep of the institutions.

As we are a faith-based charity our primary accountability is to Allah, the Almighty.

GER is accountable for its actions to its donors, beneficiaries, and the public at large within the prescribed rules, procedures, and processes.

GER adheres to an accountability framework and seeks to provide justice for all, promotion and awareness of the rights of people and treating them with the respect they deserve regardless of their faith or ethnic background, and accountability both for our own actions and those of our partners.

As a member of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP), we adhere to the humanitarian accountability measures outlined in the HAP standard. This means we ensure transparency through effective communication and are accountable to our beneficiaries and donors. All our annual reports are available for the public on our website.

There are so many ways to get involved, from hiking and raising awareness to fundraise for our initiatives. Volunteering is a great way to develop your character and opening up your worldview as a global resident. We have numerous Community Involvement Programmes throughout the year for volunteers. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our social media platforms to keep updated with our events!

After you have made a donation, our staff will verify the transaction with our payment processor. Once verified, we will send a receipt of payment to you. This process may take up to three working days. ​​

Queries, feedback, and confidentiality:

Your comments will be treated in the strictest confidence, in line with Global Ehsan Relief’s confidentiality policy. GER has a responsibility to safeguard confidential information about donors, partners, funders, and beneficiaries.