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Acehnese Affected by the Floods

Currently, Indonesia is on high alert against heavy rain and floods. More than 150,000 people have been affected by floods in several parts of the country in the first week of October. 

In Aceh, the effects of the floods are felt much more. 

According to the Aceh Disaster Management Agency (BPBA), 41,120 people have been displaced in North Aceh Regency, Aceh. It is estimated that the figure will still increase. 

When the floods overwhelmed parts of North Aceh on 5th, 6th and 7th October 2022, thousands could not leave their homes. They were forced to flee to higher lands. The heavy rain and flooding submerged people’s homes and fields. 

The flood also submerged 230 hectares of rice fields and also damaged roads and bridges in the Geuredong Pase District, with the total affected residents reaching more than 51,000.

Impact on the Acehnese Homes

However, the flood in Indonesia has done irreparable damage to thousands of homes in the Aceh Province. 

In North Aceh, the residents are staying in dilapidated, wood-partitioned houses, making it vulnerable to any natural disasters. The homes are mostly made of local materials such as bamboo planks, rumbiah leaves, fashioned out of mud and steel sheets as well as other salvaged materials.

Due to the history of Aceh – its long conflict and a deadly disaster in 2004 – thousands of Acehnese became widows and orphans. Hence, many of these widowed mothers are left to fend for themselves and their children, battling poverty every single day. When natural disasters like floods happen, these families are forced to rebuild their lives again from scratch. 

Besides sending immediate aid to the displaced, Global Ehsan Relief has also planned to rebuild their homes and lives under our Build a Home for Widows project.

A widowed mother can care better for her children in a safe house – and you have the power to do that by joining collective efforts in fundraising by contributing just $100. Together, we can ensure a more secure home for each family and dispel the shame associated with being a widow with children.

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