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A Letter from Me

We care for the orphans not because we are the rescuers, but because we are the rescued.” [David Platt]

To whom it may concern,

From the day I was born, I never get to meet my mum and dad. Perhaps my biological brothers and sisters too which I’ve always wanted to play with. But I don’t even know if they exist. I would be lying if I said that I’m not yearning for any love from my parents. I would be lying if I said that I’m not envious of that up-town girl who was wearing the glittery light blue tutu skirt with the pitch-black braided hair and a little butterfly clip. I remembered her visiting our orphanage with, which I assumed, her parents. I examined from behind the curtains near the entrance windows, her dad kneeled, caressing her silky hair.

We will come back if you wish to.

The conversation ended with a forehead kiss and her parents holding her hands while walking back to their superior car. No, Mr-Generous, please don’t. You’re only seeing the surface of our living condition.

Growing up here is never easy, ever. The other girls were nice to me and the staff treated us well. Thank God for that. But that’s the only good memories that I have until now. Never have I worn fresh clothes. People would donate their used clothes and they were mostly torn and tattered. Until about 15 years back when I received my very first dress! I jumped for joy as the attendee handed me that dress, but just to realise that it was 3 times my size.

The worst part is knowing that the sun sets. Ask me why and I would tell you from A to Z. We were used to dark and unlighted streets, strange noises and hearing fast footsteps from door to door at 3 in the morning. But don’t ask me why I’m not used to hearing late night hysterical screaming followed by a sound of a vase breaking along the hallway.

I wish I could tell you more, but this letter would never end. I am writing this just to inform you about my existence. I am not asking much but just for you to know that people like me exist. Right now, I am 26, back here and standing strong, helping orphans too, not because I want to be the rescuer, but because I was rescued.

Thank you, kind soul, whoever you are. You may only be here once, but the aftermath is ceaselessly auspicious.


Yours sincerely,

An orphan you sponsored decades ago

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