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Meet Enaam Moataz Shaheen


After seeking refuge in Lebanon, Enaam and her mother found themselves in another difficult situation - financial constraints.

Being a refugee alone means being stripped away of basic rights to food, clean water, education, employment and more. That being said, they are also seen as those of society’s lower class due to their state of poverty. Without a bread winner and stable resources to rely on, Enaam and her family are struggling to pay the bills in addition to the flat that they can't afford to rent anymore.

This has a negative impact on Enaam’sphysique and intellectual performance. Enaam has Vitamin D deficiency and suffers from problems in her glands. She is required to undergo medical tests every 4 months and receive proper treatment. However she is unable to, because of their finances which could have a long-term impact on her health.

Despite their situation, Enaam and her mother never fails to stay positive and keep persevering on. In fact, they initially shunned away from receiving our assistance as they believe that there are others who need it more. Their values never fail to inspire our team to keep doing the work that we do.

In December 2020, when we matched Enaam with a sponsor, she started receiving monthly aid from Global Ehsan Relief. This Orphan Sponsorship allows her to receive school essentials, like transportation fees, tutoring fees and stationery items along with helping her mother to provide Enaam with other basic needs such as daily meals and medical aid. Her mother added, “this gives us a new beam of hope that Enaam will be able to continue her studies.”

We pray that with quality education, Enaam is able to escape poverty and excel in dunya and akhirah. Our prayers are with children like Enaam.

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