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What is an Orphan?

That unworkable, hopeless, dirty little kid!

Good for nothing!

[May we all be protected from such thoughts!]

When we mention ‘orphans’, a percentage of the public may not be comfortable with it. Provoking thoughts tormenting the minds, induced by the common misconception and assumptions by the public. Some said that a child is titled an orphan because he/she has lost both parents. Meanwhile, others said that even by losing either one of the parents, a child is considered an orphan.

As stated, orphan is defined by a child below 18 years old who has lost both parents, or less commonly, one parent. through death. It can also be a child without affiliation, sponsorship etc. Being deprived of some protection or advantage may also be called orphan, for example, refugee orphans of the war.

Now, friends, let’s look at the term orphan differently, shall we?

Orphans are beyond those typical stereotypes that may have been portrayed in some dramas and movies. An orphan is a:

Human being

The media can get tricky at times, so be aware. Everyone deserves to be treated kindly. Orphans are people. They have feelings and emotions. They do what they’re supposed to everyday…just like us.

A gift

Every child is a gift. To be solicitous about his wellbeing. To shrine with multiple layers of affection and unconditional love every single day in life. At such young age, they are tested with such trials. Yet, they are still standing strong.

An investment

When we look at the bigger picture, offering them even the slightest help matters a lot. Through your donations, your time and effort to be in those countries doing CIP or even sharing about orphan sponsorship through your social media, you’re investing in their life, their future.

Our future

Having a huge number of orphans who are in need is truly heartbreaking, especially knowing that the number is not subsiding. They are of the younger generation, thus holding a significant role in the future. They are full of potential, just needed to be discovered.

Let’s try our very best to see orphans in a different view. To learn and understand them more. To give them and us a chance. So…what is an orphan? An opportunity, a light of hope, the future.


[Source: Islamic Help]

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