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This is Abdallah’s Story

Thanks to your generosity, our Palestinian refugee orphans have begun their journey to Madinah for their Umrah! Your support made it possible for them to fulfill a long-held dream. 

Our team caught up with one of the orphans before he went on the journey, Abdallah, 13-years-old. 

When we visited Abdallah at home, we were welcomed by Mdm Maryam, his grandmother. We sat down and she offered us coffee which was perfect from the long ride. Mdm Maryam has five daughters and four grandchildren – Abdallah, Qusair, Laith and Juri.

Abdallah’s father passed away four years ago as a result of falling down at a construction site. When Abdallah’s youngest brother, Laith was only 7 months old, their mother left the family without any reason and has never contacted them, till this day. 

Mdm Maryam has been the one who takes care of the children, trying her best to be both the mother and father figure in their lives and gives them her best. 

When she got the news that Abdallah is sponsored for Umrah, she was over the moon! At the same time, she expresses her gratitude towards all the donors. In a heartfelt moment, Abdallah shared how he intends to perform Umrah for his late father, and cannot wait to see the Kaabah in real life, as well as being excited to see the clock tower as well! He dreams of being a lawyer one day, insyaAllah. 

“I want to perform Umrah for my late father. And I’ll pray for my late grandfather and also my grandmother,”

Abdallah, Palestinian Orphan

Abdallah lost his father. His mother left the children shortly after. They’re now living with their grandmother. InsyaAllah he is performing his first Umrah with Global Ehsan Relief for himself, and his late father. 

Abdallah is just one of many orphans who are given the opportunity of a lifetime to perform Umrah – an opportunity that he may not otherwise be able to get without your sponsorship. Make a life-changing trip possible for an orphan with your donation and obtain the reward of sending an orphan for Umrah today.

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