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The Strength of an Orphan Mother in Aceh

On our recent CIP trip to Aceh, Indonesia, our team had the pleasure of meeting Ibu Risnah and her two daughters; Mauli Afiqah, 10, and Puteri, 6.

Ibu Risnah has three daughters – her eldest daughter is currently studying in a pesantren (boarding school) while the younger two are still in the lower classes in school. During our brief encounter, she shared the plight of her family with us. 

Ibu Risnah only earns 900,000 rupiah ($90) a month for her family, ironing clothes for a living. Her husband passed away in 2016, leaving her with three young children to bring up by herself. Puteri was only 11 months old when her father passed away. 

Their house is a rented house situated at Desa Lamdaya, and it is not big nor has it been painted. However, their Orphan Mentor shared that despite this, Ibu Risnah has managed to beautify the space in her own way and make it warm and homely.

As the sole breadwinner, Ibu Risnah works tirelessly day and night to find enough income for her small family. As a result of not having enough money to pay rent for her house, she is currently facing debt. 

Despite all this, Ibu Risnah still smiled for us. She kept repeating praises and glorifying Allah SWT,  showing us her strength both in her iman and her love for her family.

At the same time, Ibu Risnah is very thankful for the aid that she has been receiving. Alhamdulillah, the aid that Global Ehsan Relief has been giving to families like hers has helped them a lot.

“Alhamdulillah it has helped, together with the blessings of Allah S.W.T. It has helped to lighten our burden and the struggles we face here, especially helping the children with their education. With Allah’s S.W.T. help everything will be eased,”

Ibu Risnah, Mother of 3 daughters

“Thank you so much to all the donors in Singapore. Alhamdulillah from my family, I would like to convey my gratitude for easing our struggles, for helping those of us who are rebuilding our lives after the passing of our husbands. It has not been easy for us. We pray that they are blessed with good health and blessings, and may Allah S.W.T reward the donors in Singapore with goodness.”

The aid from Global Ehsan Relief and the generous donors under our Orphan Sponsorship program has also helped her children to receive quality education. 

Her second daughter, Mauli Afiqah, shared with us how Bahasa Arab is her favourite subject in school – she even introduced herself in Arabic to us! She recited Surah Al-A’la for us, and masyaAllah her voice was incredibly clear, confident, and beautiful.

It is clear that Ibu Risnah is very proud of Mauli Afiqah and her other daughters, and her love and hope for her children is so strong.

“Bismillah because of Allah S.W.T. If we want to complain about what we are going through, we know that everything comes from Allah S.W.T., so why should we complain? Any difficulties that we have to face, we will face it. Because we know that if Allah S.W.T. gives it, there is hope anywhere.”

This Eid-ul-Adha, join us in providing something special for our Orphans in Aceh – fresh meat and a food aid parcel, which can put food on the table for a month.

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