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Our Orphans’ Stories: Farhan

This is Farhan, 10-years-old with his mother, Mdm Hayatun.

Farhan is the youngest of three siblings, and both his brother and sister are studying in an Islamic boarding school. Their school fees costs an estimated $50 every month – an amount that might not seem as much to many of us, but not for the family. 

Farhan’s mother, Mdm Hayatun has been living in the same house since she was a child herself. If she is not busy working in the fields, she takes care of her affairs at home, such as taking care of her bedridden father. 

“My strength is for my children, I continue life for them. During my childhood, I did not get proper education. I pray and wish for an easier life for my children,” Mdm Hayatun expressed. 

Now, thanks to the Orphan Sponsorship from Global Ehsan Relief, Mdm Hayatun’s dreams are closer to becoming a reality…

Through the generosity of our GER community and the donors, Farhan is now getting quality access to education. He even shares that his favourite subject in school is mathematics! He also loves playing football with his friends. 

His mother’s shared a piece of advice she had for Farhan: 

“Study hard, and become someone who is useful to the community in the future.” 

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