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Stop The War on Children

Vulnerable children: Orphans in war-torn countries

“Every war is a war against children.”

All over the world, social unrest, conflicts and tensions are constantly in the news. Unfortunately, their prevalence is continually creating a detriment to the situation and living conditions of children and adults residing in the affected countries. 

For instance, as a result of the ongoing war and conflict in the Middle East and Asia region, a serious orphan crisis has developed.

As conflicts have created a hindrance for organisations to reach children and families, these long, on-going crises result in the significant decline in even the most basic essentials like food, water and shelter. 

Childhood lost to conflict/ growing up amidst conflict

Globally, there are an estimated 426 million children living in conflict zones today. Major conflicts around the world have tripled since 2010. Due to this, children have been the most impacted, the ones who suffer most from the effects of war, violence and now, COVID-19. 

Conflicts all around the world are ending childhoods and according to data, this is on a dangerously upward trend. 

The impact of conflict on children varies by age, gender, status, ethnicity, religion and disability. Children who live in these conflict zones are at the biggest risk of experiencing violence, psychological stress, hunger, lack of opportunity for education and a lack of basic resources. Children living in war-affected regions live in constant fear, experiencing grave violations of their rights.

For these children, they are growing up in the shadow of violence, without a parental figure to guide them in life. It’s a long road to normalcy for these children in war-torn societies. They have grown up knowing nothing but war, conflict and violence, having their childhood stripped away from them. 

How we help children in conflict zones

We aim to change the plight of these at risk children in vulnerable regions. Global Ehsan Relief steps in to provide aid in the betterment of resources, medical attention and global awareness. 

And you can join us in providing a better life for these children. Through our Global Orphan Care project, we aim to provide extra support to thousands of orphans and widows on a global scale. You can make a one-time donation to support the orphans’ education, health expenses or even help provide a nutritious meal. From just $10, you are taking a step forward to make a difference in the lives of orphans. 

Your generous support makes it possible for us to continue our work with orphan children and vulnerable individuals living in conflict areas. Much more should and can be done to protect and assist these vulnerable children. 

We must help the children caught in conflict to realise their dreams and give them the childhood that they deserve.

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