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Our Orphans’ Stories: Syahrul

Mdm Ruwaida, 32, is the young, widowed mother of Syahrul, 9 and Nazira, 3. 

The family lives in a wooden hut made entirely of raw resources; bamboo, wood and attap leaves. The house was built painstakingly by Mdm Ruwaida and her late husband more than nine years ago, when she was carrying Syahrul in her womb. 

Due to the unstable structure of the house, water can easily seep through the holes of the attap leaves. Mdm Ruwaida also shared how the family has to burn mosquito repellents to deter the mosquitoes that are breeding in the environment. 

After her husband passed away 2 years ago, Mdm Ruwaida has been struggling to take care of the house, while also earning enough income for her family.

Personally it was heartbreaking to see the condition of Syahrul’s family. 

Mdm Ruwaida shared how Syahrul is always asking for his late father. It brought us to tears hearing how he kept reminiscing about his late father and the times his father bought toys for him. His mother says she cannot afford to fulfil his wishes.

“Syahrul said to me before, mom, why can’t we buy a refrigerator? But I cannot afford things like that,” Mdm Ruwaida shared. 

Now, thanks to the Orphan Sponsorship from Global Ehsan Relief, Syahrul is able to receive education and work towards building a better future…

“Syahrul is very motivated when he’s in school and when he is learning to memorise the Al-Quran. He listens when I say, ‘Syahrul memorise first, play later. He listens well and does not retort back, as compared to last time,” Mdm Ruwaida shared. 

Syahrul hopes to be a religious teacher when he is older. He also wishes to continue studying till university and wants to go to a Singapore university.

“Alhamdulilah Syahrul has a sponsorship. It has been really beneficial for Syahrul. I would like to thank all donors who have contributed to Syahrul’s sponsorship, for allowing us to fulfil his school needs and impart religious knowledge. We are able to buy school books and a school bag.”

“I pray for a long life for the donors who have helped us, especially Syahrul. May all the donors be blessed with a long life and be healthy always and be showered with blessings.”

This is the impact of your Orphan Sponsorship on families like Syahrul. Not only does your sponsorship change Syahrul’s life, but the lives of the entire family. With your continued support, we want to ensure our sponsored children will grow and have a better and brighter future. 

Join us in changing the lives of orphans who are yet to be sponsored. 

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