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Building a Home for Widows

Imagine living in a small, wooden house – a home without any concrete foundations. 

For Eka Kirana (not her real name), that tiny home is the reality for her and her two beautiful young daughters. 

As the sole breadwinner of the family, Eka works as a daily worker, doing a wide array of work, anything she can find. These jobs include being a cook assistant, a stall seller, and washing clothes at the laundry shop. For the sake of her children, she does anything she can to earn money. She values education for her children and she understood the importance of being able to send her daughters to school.

Unfortunately, the family is left without a father figure. Before his passing, Eka’s husband left the family with nothing but a small, wooden house. 

The living conditions of the family are not ideal. Living in a tiny, wooden house, they have no valuable assets. While they are blessed with a shelter to live under, the small wooden house does not guarantee their home is in a good condition, or that it provides them sufficiently with things they need to thrive. For many families in similar poor conditions, their homes are so small that they are forced to carry out different activities within the same small space they have – all in a multi-use room. 

Eka works hard every single day to ensure that her children are fed and are able to receive an education. However the increase in goods prices, burdening debts and responsibilities, added with the lack of security and job opportunities, are taking a toll on Eka. 

Here at Global Ehsan Relief, we aim to provide widows like Eka, and their families, with a comfortable and higher standard of living by building a home for them. Our Home for Widows project is committed to provide better living conditions for the two most vulnerable groups of individuals – widows and orphans. Help us provide a safer, sturdier home for these individuals, creating a better sense of security for them. 

We believe that widows can lead a rewarding life after going through stages of grief and growth. Together, we can help to lessen the challenging plight of widows and ease their journey in nurturing their children and providing a better future for their families. Contribute to our Care for Orphans project today and together, let’s ensure that there is no child, orphan or family left behind.

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