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Andika Satria: His family’s only hope for a better future

For Andika Satria (not his real name), he shoulders a great responsibility at such a young age. 

A student at Mahad Ibnu Sina Global Ehsan Relief, being a student is not the only responsibility that this young boy is shouldering. 

In his small family, he is their only hope to uplift the condition of their family – their only way to a better future. 

Living with his mother and older sister, Andika helps out at home because his mother has a health issue that prevents her from working to support the family. As a result of this, Andika’s older sister is the sole breadwinner of the family, working as a waitress at a small restaurant.

Due to this, Andika has had to shoulder the responsibilities at home such as cooking meals for the family, or washing clothes. Without wanting to burden or trouble their mother, it is clear that both Andika and his sister are good children. 

The family’s situation is further burdened by the rising prices of goods and debts, as well as the lack of security, peace and job opportunities. The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic has also made them more fearful – they are afraid of catching the virus and thus, rendering the sister unfit for work, further affecting their source of daily income. In addition, the family rarely receives any form of assistance or help from external parties or generous individuals. 

Despite their circumstances, the family understood the importance of getting an education. For the family, their only hope lies in Andika. They were very eager to look for a scholarship for Andika just so he could receive a good education and elevate their standard of living in the future, in sya-Allah. 

Alhamdulillah for Andika and his family, he has managed to secure a scholarship with Mahad Ibnu Sina Global Ehsan Relief since July 2021. His education sponsorship has allowed Andika to study in the school without any fees, giving him access to a proper, quality education, a place to stay, nutritious meals and a sense of security that young children like him need. 

Andika expressed his gratitude and joy in being given an opportunity to receive quality education, being especially grateful towards the donors that have made it all possible for him. 

 “Alhamdulillah after being accepted in Mahad ISGER, our life is getting much better. Since I am living here, my sister doesn’t have to feed me and pay for my school fees anymore. Everything is taken care of by the donor, which makes me wonder, from what is the heart of my donor made by? It must be from gold.”

“Now my sister only needs to think about my mom. One day after I finish school, I will work hard and earn money, then I will take care of my family and take my mom to the best doctor, Amin. Thank you very much for everything, may Allah bless you always,” Andika expressed sincerely. 

You can help change the lives of children like Andika by contributing to our Care for Orphans campaign today. When we open the door to an education for children like Andika, we unlock the future for these children. It is the difference between poverty and success. We at Global Ehsan Relief believe that every child deserves the right to a quality education. Join us in our efforts to assist our future generation to reach their full potential. 

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