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A Promise for a Better Future

For many of us, we might take having access to proper education for granted, especially living in a country where education is so easily accessible. For others, going to school can be a dread. 

But for Soleh Setiawan (not his real name), 12-years-old, there was a point in time where he was scared and worried he could not continue his education. 

After Soleh’s father passed away in 2020, his mother became the sole breadwinner of the family. Since then, the family’s life has been challenging. Along with his three other siblings, the family of four are living in a wooden, tiny house with no valuable assets. 

Since my father died last year, our life is not easy. My mom has to work very hard to make sure that my three siblings and I can eat and study. I was so scared that I could not continue to junior school.”

Soleh Setiawan

Soleh’s mother works as a stall seller in a little kiosk located at the front of their house. Unfortunately as she is the only one earning in the family, the income from the kiosk is not enough to feed her four children. Due to this, she had to take on a second job, working in the laundry near their home. 

However, there was a glimmer of hope for the family this year.

Thankfully since July 2021, Soleh has managed to continue his studies at Ma’had Ibnu Sina Global Ehsan Relief, after passing the basic exam held by the school in June. 

“Alhamdulillah, I was told by the headmaster in my elementary school that Mahad ISGER will be giving a free education for orphans. My mom was over the moon when I passed the exam. It meant the world to us. Thank you donors for your support.”

The sponsorship allows Soleh to have a paid education at the school, on top of giving him access to quality education, a place to stay, nutritious food and a sense of security that children like him need. By getting proper education, it is hoped that Soleh will be able to change the plight and condition of his family in the near future. 

For Soleh, it was clear that it meant everything for him that he could continue getting an education. As a form of his gratitude, he promised that he will work hard with the opportunity that he has been bestowed in.

“I promise I will study hard. I promise I will take it seriously. I promise I will do anything to make sure that in the future I can go home and change the life of my family, Amin.”

Soleh Setiawan

Support more orphans and underprivileged children like Soleh by contributing to our Care for Orphans campaign and sponsor an orphan today. Together, we can provide a holistic environment as well as value-added education to those who are in need of it. Let’s ensure that no child gets left behind.

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