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Our Orphans’ Stories: Rendi Alfandi

Rendi Alfandi, 14, is the only son of Mdm Winar. He has three older sisters. 

During Ramadhan, Rendi was unfortunately involved in an accident where he injured his thigh badly. For two months, Mdm Winar, 46, could not work as she had to care for him during his recovery. The family used traditional means of healing and did not have enough funds to visit the hospital. 

Before the accident, Mdm Winar worked for 12 hours a day selling fried food at a nearby kiosk, only earning her 20,000 Rupiah each day. Her daily income depends on the number of sales she makes for the day. Sometimes to meet the education needs of her children, Mdm Winar is forced to borrow money from her neighbours. 

Now, thanks to the Orphan Sponsorship from Global Ehsan Relief, Rendi is able to concentrate and focus on his studies better…

Rendi has been our sponsored orphan for a year and Mdm Winar expressed how she has seen a good and positive change in him – both in his character and his studies.

Alhamdulillah Rendi has progressed well in school, and even won first place in a few Al-Quran recitation competitions. As a gift to motivate him even further, our team presented him with an Al-Quran speaker for him to practice his memorisation and recitation. 

At the same time, Mdm Winar is extremely thankful that the community around their house is very supportive and helps them whenever they are in dire situations. 

For instance, the community worked together to help raise funds and build a house for Rendi’s family as they did not own any house before that; it was only a very small, wooden hut. Though the walls of the house have not been fully built – the family were still using tarpaulin when we visited –  the beautiful family of four feels blessed to now have a bigger and comfortable space to call their own. 

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