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Our Orphans’ Stories: Nailatul Askia

Meet our orphan, Nailatul Askia, 9 and her mother, Mdm Fatimah. 

She was just 2 years old when her father passed away.  Now, Askia lives in a small village north of Aceh with her mother, the only family member she has left.

During our visit, we learned about the struggles the small family has to go through. It was unimaginable and no words could describe their pain.

Askia and her mother live in a tiny rented house. The rent is 200,000 Rp. (S$20) but it was not equivalent to the size of the house. The rent of less than $20 may not be expensive to us but to them, it was still way beyond their budget.

Fatimah had to work multiple jobs, sewing clothes for her neighbours and sometimes washing their dishes. But all this effort is still not enough to pay the rent. 

No matter how tired Fatimah is, she ensures that her child still goes to school and does not miss out on her religious studies as well.

Now, thanks to the Orphan Sponsorship from Global Ehsan Relief, Askia is able to receive quality education that will in turn, change the family’s lives for the better…

Askia is enthusiastic about learning, and alhamdulillah, our Hifz Orphan Sponsorship program has allowed her to receive a proper education. Through this, she has memorised many surahs, such as al-Balad.

The sponsorship also allows Fatimah to pay for Askia’s daily meals and at times, also help the family pay their rent.

With the sponsorship that you’ve given, we hope that Askia will continue to pursue her education and one day, be able to change the fate of her family.

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