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Our Orphans’ Stories: Bunaiya Sarana

Meet Bunaiya Sarana, 14-years-old. 

He lives in Aceh Besar with his mother, Mdm Rosnati. 

Mdm Rosnati and her husband divorced in 2015 and passed away three years later, leaving her alone to care for their seven children. Mdm Rosnati herself has cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypertension and is hard of hearing at times. 

She had to work many different odd jobs but most are not paid consistently. Amongst her many jobs include being a farmer and teaching Al-Quran to the children. 

Everyday has been a struggle for the family due to their many financial issues. 

Thanks to the sponsorship from Global Ehsan Relief, the family is able to worry less…

Bunaiya shared with us his daily routine; starting from the moment when he wakes up till the time he goes to sleep. And we were amazed at how his days are filled with his love for his religion. In between prayers and during his free time, he prioritises time to recite and memorise the Al-Quran. 

He even shared that his favourite subject in school is science! His mother proudly showed us Bunaiya’s impressive grades that he achieved in school. It was undeniable how proud she is of him. 

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