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Orphans: The Heart of What We Do

Sponsoring an orphan and taking care of an orphan is one of the most important parts of our Global Ehsan Relief projects, it’s our legacy. The orphans, they are my children, they are your children. And all of this will be possible through your support,”

Basheer Ahmad, CEO Global Ehsan Relief

Here at Global Ehsan Relief, orphans are at the heart of what we do. With seven offices worldwide and many projects both locally and internationally, caring for orphans had been the spark that ignited our impact across the world. 

Our Care for Orphans project is truly one that we’re proud of and our largest pool of orphans come from Aceh, Indonesia.

“We started our Care for Orphans program back in 2017. Initially, we started out with 25 orphans but currently, we have more than 700 orphans in many provinces around Indonesia. When we first launched the project, we tried to replicate the orphan programmes that were run by other organisations. At the same time, we also learn not just the benefit of the program, but also the impact that it has not only on the orphaned children, but their family as a whole,” Intan Maulida, General Manager of Global Ehsan Relief Indonesia (GERID) shared. 

She added that our current Orphan Sponsorship program includes many features that are slightly different from those offered by other similar non-governmental organisations. 

Our Hifz Orphan Sponsorship program, for instance, is a unique orphan sponsorship program offered in the region. 

Intan said: “We started to introduce a new curriculum for our tahfiz orphans. Our aim was to ensure that we will conduct monthly monitoring so that there will be a better structure, focus and direction for the children. At the same time, their parents are also supported through various skills training. Hence the impact of our program is huge in the upbringing of our orphans.” 

We’ve also seen the positive impact that our orphan sponsorship programmes have on our orphans. 

“In general, we’ve seen how enthusiastic our sponsored orphans are to go through our programmes. And they’ve even performed beyond our expectations at the regional level. There are a few of our orphans who have won tahfiz competitions and also science competitions. This shows that there are no obstacles too big for our orphans even while they’re memorising the Holy Qur’an.” 

When you care for and sponsor an orphan, you’re not only supporting them financially, but you’re giving them nutritious meals, education, a warm house to live in, and good healthcare support. When you sponsor a Hifz orphan, they are able to recite and learn the beautiful verses of Allah S.W.T. thanks to you. 

Get rewarded for every endeavour the orphan makes while pursuing knowledge, especially learning to become the Hafiz and Hafizah of the Qur’an.

With your generous donations, Global Ehsan Relief reaches out to deprived orphans to aid their survival. With Rabi’ul Awwal approaching, let’s honour our Beloved Prophet S.A.W. by taking care of orphans and widows worldwide. 

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