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Their Noble Intentions: Meet our Orphan Sponsors!

To commemorate Rabiul-Awwal, we reached out to our Orphan Sponsors and asked them what motivated them to join our Orphan Sponsorship and Hifz Orphan Sponsorship program, and these are what they shared with us!

What made them decide to sponsor

For many of our orphan sponsors, they believe that finding barakah – or blessings – in their work or daily life, is something that greatly motivates them to give back to the underprivileged. By asking Allah S.W.T. to bestow His blessings in our work and support us in what we carry out daily, we will be able to add spiritual meaning to our activities. Through the sponsorship, they hope that Allah S.W.T. will be pleased with them and grant their duas. 

“I decide to sponsor an orphan for barakah in my work, and I make sure to set aside the money for it the moment I receive my paycheck.” – Nur Ain

“We have yet been blessed with a child, but masyallah – I believe I can give back and make sure another could be.” – Safiah 

“I intend to commit part of my small earnings for something valuable to other (children) who lack funds due to their condition that restricts them to pursue their dream.” – Azlinda

“I aspire to be a Hafiz Qur’an lillahi ta’ala.” – Muhammad Iqbal 

“To have Allah’s blessing, purpose of charity and plus I do not have a child of my own. If I have a child, I also hope my child could be Hafiz/Hafizah.” – Hafizah

For others, they resonate and understand the plight of being in poverty because they were also from a low-income family themselves. For them it is not only an orphaned child, it is one life that they can help make a difference for. 

“I came from a low income family myself, and understood that the best way to break out of the poverty cycle is by getting a good education. Alhamdulillah I received bursaries and sponsorship when I was in school till university. I hope that by doing this, I can help support at least one person in his journey to attain a better future for their family.” – Siti Nurul

“I wish to give someone who is not as fortunate as me a better education and better life. Hopefully through this, the person is able to become a better person and do good in her life. Insyaallah.” – Ahmad Muwaffaq

“I would like to make a difference in other people’s lives. May they benefit from their knowledge and be able to help others too in the future InsyaAllah. I set aside monthly for the sponsorship programme.” – Siti Hajar

The ease of our Orphan Sponsorship programme has also enabled our orphan sponsors to commit monthly without any worries. 

“On behalf of my brother’s best friend who unexpectedly passed away. I found it online through Global Ehsan’s website, and was immediately interested as it is for orphans doing Hifz, and teaching someone Quran is a form of Sadaqa Jaariyah for all parties involved.” – Samozai

“Sponsoring orphans has always been something I wanted to do, and I was very happy when I discovered Global Ehsan Relief’s Hifz Orphan Sponsorship programme which has an automated monthly contribution system. This makes it very easy for me to ensure that I do not miss or overlook any contributions in spite of my hectic schedule!” – Diana

“I always wanted to be close to an orphan. For someone who is busy with a daily schedule, I believe this is more convenient for me.” – Muhammad Nazrul 

Why you should join as a sponsor

When we asked our pool of orphan sponsors what they would say to encourage people to join as an orphan sponsor themselves, these are their answers!

“Ahlan! Join and personally experience the joy and blessings of providing for an orphan. Allah SWT will surely not deprive you of what you need when you provide for the MORE needy.” – Nur Ain

“Start giving and sharing. If we can’t be there to help, by sharing and giving within our means, that means a lot to those people no matter where they are in the world.” – Aniza 

“The more you give others, the more Allah gives you. It’s true. Insha Allah.” – Naseem

“It is an honour to be supporting them. Not that they deserve it because they already deserve it, it is because we need it.” – Muhmmad Nazrul

“Just do as much good before our chapter closes.” – Waheeda

“Be together with them in Dunya so that Rasulullah ﷺ will be together with you in akhirah.” – Mohammad Isham

“Helping others helps us learn about ourselves even more.” – Raja Muhammad

“Your good deeds may seem invisible. But they leave a trail that is imprinted on the heart of others.” – Hafizah

“Sadaqah purifies the Nafs, and it will be for you a shade on the Day of Judgement. In shaa Allah.” – Diana

“The young ones are our future imams. Let’s help build a strong ummah.” – Noorashikin

“Take care of an orphan to earn Allah’s pleasure and to get the opportunity to be close to Prophet Muhammad pbuh in the hereafter!” – Sithika

“A little thought by your honest contribution will mean so much to people who receive it as all rezeki is from Him and from Him we seek wealth to be shared with people who are less unfortunate.” – Azlinda

Join us in our efforts to provide orphaned children with nutritious meals, school materials, clothing, shelter and an education. We welcome you to join our community of orphan sponsors by sponsor an orphan today and give them the happy and healthy childhood that they rightly deserve.

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