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Meet Yousra Issa

Yousra Issa is a very sweet, confident girl who lives in Saida, a city in South Lebanon.

The 14-year-old girl is one of our sponsored orphans under our Orphan Sponsorship programme. Unfortunately, after the passing of her father, Yousra underwent psychological therapy for almost 2 years at Al-Samoud Association due to the trauma that she faced. At such a young age, she has to cope with life without a fatherly figure. 

Often than not, children in single-parent families suffer from the trauma of losing their families and everything they ever loved.

Up till today, GER has been supporting Yousra’s education and other social, and financial needs for over 8 months. The sponsorship has been a vital lifeline that reduces the burden on her mother’s shoulders – her mother the sole supporter of 6 children. It has been a long struggle for the family but alhamdulillah, all of them are healthy without any serious conditions or chronic diseases. 

The family is currently living in a house accommodated by Bricks’ factory but they claimed that the environment is not comfortable nor safe. It is built of tin sheets and wood that allows insects, spiders, rats and snakes to come inside and during the monsoon season, huge amounts of rainwater would enter the house. The family added that they often feel scared at night due to the presence of thieves in the neighbourhood.

Despite wanting to move, they are unable to because Yousra’s brothers are working with Bricks’ factory and it is a source of livelihood for them. Yousra’s family faces many challenges due to the lack of opportunities presented to them, as a result of downward social mobility.

Through Allah SWT grace and the support of GER, Yousra is able to resume her education. It is a challenge for her during the pandemic to study online during the lockdown. Furthermore, there are frequent electricity cuts with poor internet connectivity. Despite these challenges, Yousra perseveres with hopes to be a paediatrician one day. 

Currently, she needs warm clothing for Winter, school stationeries, and a laptop which she will truly benefit from. Join us in supporting Yousra and other orphaned children today through our Care for Orphans sponsorship today. By sponsoring a child, you will receive a Welcome Kit that includes a photo of your sponsored child, their family background and educational details. 

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