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There’s No Place Like Home

When we meet someone new, oftentimes we will ask where they live or where they are from. The question of home always comes to mind, this is because humans have a natural desire to belong somewhere, and our homes are often that place. Home is where we turn to after a long day of work, where we find comfort, and where we make most of the memories we have with our families.

As much as home means to us, it means no less for orphans and widows around the world. But for many of them, home is just a dream and nothing more than that. In reality, they either don’t own a house or live in poorly constructed houses, so they are unable to achieve the dream of feeling a sense of belonging in a safe space. Many of their homes are not safe enough, self-built from recycled materials such as mud and steel sheets, constructed by the families themselves.

With leaking roofs and only tarpaulin canvas covering their roofs, holes and gaps stealing privacy, and unstable floors waiting for its time to break, widows and orphaned families face daily challenges worrying about their safety and comfort. The home that was supposed to protect a family is not that safe and comfortable for many of them living in poverty. With all the natural disasters happening, it’s only a matter of time until they lose everything.

“…if not, what will it be like for my son?”

Mdm Noorhayati, widowed mother

As a mother taking care of her orphaned children on her own, with no place to call home, this question constantly runs through her mind. In order to make a living after her husband passed away, she started cutting stones, which pays insufficiently. To make matters worse, she later suffered heart disease that compelled her to stop working. Consequently, her children were forced to cut grass on fields after school to support the family financially, although it is still far from enough to make ends meet.

The family is now living in Mdm. Noorhayati’s brother’s house, which is housing a total of five people. As the family does not have their own house, she worries about her children’s future if anything should happen to her, as they do not have a safe place to live in and feel protected from any danger. 


Their longing for home lies with you, and you can give them that home. Your donation to Global Ehsan Relief’s Build a Home for Widows project will help build a new home for a widow and her orphan children. Each house will include a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, and bedrooms. Furthermore, blankets, beds, and cushions were provided, so that they can finally call the place home.

You won’t just be providing them with shelter, but also a place to leave their worries behind, rest so they can make the best of tomorrows, and create wonderful memories. You will be ensuring a safe and better future for the family, especially the children who are still schooling and many who are also working to support the family financially. Your life-changing donation will make their dreams come true, so help build a safe place to call home for them today.

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