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Meet Ahmad Awad

After Ahmad lost his father, he escaped to Lebanon to seek refuge.

Together with his mother, sister, brother and paternal grandmother, they decided to rebuild a new life, a safe one. In Saida, Lebanon, they managed to find a 4-room rental flat with a kitchen and a bathroom. 

However since 2020, Lebanon’s crippling economy has made it harder for them to breathe a new lease of life. His mother could only afford to provide daily meals and necessary medication for her family. Toys and entertainment are a luxury. Important expenses such as rent and electricity bills are also often not attended to.

Without a sole breadwinner in the family, Ahmad and his siblings struggle to receive the education they need. Education is crucial – it is both a tool and a solution to break out of the vicious poverty cycle. Attaining a private tutor for both Ahmad and his brother, Hadi, is too expensive. Sadly, his mother is illiterate and hence, unable to help them with their studies. As for his sister Cristine, she is enrolled into an association that helps her with her unique learning skills. As a result of the conflict in Syria, the children tend to suffer adverse mental effects from the traumatic experience that they were made to go through at such a young age, such as losing their homes and the people close to them.

Alhamdulillah with the help of GER, Ahmad has received an Orphan Sponsorship from a kind donor whose monthly assistance ensures school essentials like transportation fees, tutoring fees, stationery items, as well as medical aid and food – are all provided for. Without which, all of this would be difficult for his family to provide him with. 

His mother has expressed her gratitude to our team: “Without your help, I alone wouldn’t have been able to secure any of Ahmad’s needs”.

The family relays their kindest regards to the donor and they ask Allah to keep the donor and their family safe and sound.

Join us in transforming the lives of orphaned children like Ahmad by donating to our Care for Orphans project today.

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