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Our Orphans’ Stories: Nadia Ramadani and Adinda Arasy

This is Nadia Ramadani, 11 and her older sister, Adinda Arasy, 14. 

The sisters’ father passed away in 2012, when the family were living with the late father’s side. Five years ago, they moved to their current house, which had been the girls’ mother, Mdm Habsah’s late mother’s house. She could no longer live with her late husband’s family. 

Currently, Mdm Habsah owns a kiosk which is located right in front of the family’s house. There, she sells essential items such as tea, sweets, condiments and soaps. In addition, she also sells traditional desserts and packets of rice. She wakes up at 4am every morning to prepare the food and could only open her kiosk at 7am, after taking care of her children’s affairs. After working at the kiosk till 5.30pm each day, she earns an estimated $20 to $30 – though the profit is not much for the family. 

Now, thanks to the Orphan Sponsorship from Global Ehsan Relief, Mdm Habsah does not have to worry about her children’s education fees…

Alhamdulillah, sisters Nadia and Adinda are both sponsored under our Orphan Sponsorship program. The sisters are receiving vital access to education and have shown a great interest in their studies, even enjoying memorising the Al-Quran.

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