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Fashion Label Turn Used Grabfood Delivery Bags into School Bags

Revived Bags for the Underpriviledged,  Orphans

Malaysian fashion brand Neng Kho Razali’s recent partnership with Grab Malaysia grabbed the attention of many. 

They converted hundreds of used Grabfood delivery bags into reusable school bags for children – reducing pollution through a recycling initiative and helping the needy. 

Early July, the brand updated its Facebook with details of the partnership, calling it ‘Upcycling Delivery Bags’. Before that in December 2020, Grab launched the recycling initiative that uses old and used delivery bags to be upcycled for the benefit of students and Grab’s driver-partners worldwide.

Neng Kho Razali, one of the partners involved in the programme, managed to convert 200 used delivery bags into 400 school items such as school bags, pencil cases and fanny packs. These upcycled products were then gifted to Yayasan Anak Yatim and Tadika Istika Jaya orphanages, SK Long Pelutan Primary School as well as Grab’s driver-partners.

The designer brand posted their behind-the-scenes footage of the process of recycling the used delivery bags. The first step of the upcycling process starts with the sanitization of the used bags. Afterwards, the original material is ripped off and separated into usable and worn out sections. The usable part is utilised by first cleaning it, before converting it to school items. 

Neng Kho Razali explained that the school items are not for sale – rather, the items are created for the sole purpose of donating it to underprivileged school children.

This fashion brand’s creative innovation – benefiting both the environment and the community – is a commendable effort that would hopefully, inspire other designers to create and reproduce similar products for the society that needs it. 

We hope the readers and other industry players will be just as inspired by this zero-waste effort and may we build a better world for our future.

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Source: The Smart Local, Neng Kho Razali/ Facebook