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Consistency of Good Deeds

The Virtues of Consistency in Faith

The most beloved of deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent, even if it is small.”

The Prophet, (Bukhari)

Allah S.W.T. loves consistency. 

Our entire religion is structured around consistency in our lives. We pray five times a day at the same time everyday, we observe Ramadhan every Islamic year, and Hajj is the same every year. It is meant to instill in us consistency. 

Maintaining consistency is a sign of your love for Allah and is a sign that you are loved by Allah S.W.T.According to scholars, if a person is able to maintain the consistency of a good deed, it is like a testimony of their sincerity for Allah S.W.T.

Consistency Does not mean Repetition

If a person is able to be consistent with a good deed – even if it is small – that’s a sign that they are also consistent with their love of Allah S.W.T., that they are maintaining the steady presence of Allah’s love and of concern for Allah’s love in their lives, no matter what is happening in their lives, no matter what their emotional state is, no matter what’s taking place. 

Consistency is not the same as being repetitive, because being repetitive is doing something without having our heart in it. That’s not what we want. When we look at how our consistency is defined, we’ll see that consistency is an action which is done with the same quality, over and over again. 

Being Consistent with Small, Reasonable Goals

With consistency, it will be able to give us a steady increase in our iman. 

Let them be small, reasonable goals that you can achieve consistency with. Take small things that you can continue so that you can continue the mention of those things.

Let’s develop a habit of consistency, for instance if we find it hard to read the Al-Qur’an, try reading it for 5 minutes everyday consistently, and build up from that. Overtime, consistency becomes easier and builds up to Ihsan (goodness, or excellence).

“The Prophet S.A.W. said, do the deeds that you are able to continue with and take things that do not exhaust you.”

Remember, the most beloved of deeds to Allah S.W.T. are the small ones even if they are consistent.