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On 9th and 10th September, Global Ehsan Relief Singapore (GERSG) team spent the weekend over at SELOKAL 2023!

Last weekend, Global Ehsan Relief Singapore (GERSG) took part in SELOKAL 2023, an event by SMCCI (Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Academy that was created alongside their Protege Kita Product Demo Day. SMCCI Academy train budding entrepreneurs and individuals with the aim of transforming them into high potential entrepreneurs.

The two-day event provided a platform for locally-grown businesses to display their brands to a wider audience. SELOKAL was a way to champion these local brands and make them more accessible to the public.

Global Ehsan Relief was the only humanitarian organisation present at SELOKAL and we were surrounded by incredible Malay-Muslim businesses that offered educational books, F&B, apparels and other services.

We were excited to build up awareness through our booth programmes and activities that managed to shine a light on aspiring creative artists,”

Sharifah Ameerah, Business Development Manager, GER

“SMCCI Academy presented the event to us to be a part of their Protege Kita showcase. We were stoked to enter to play an integral part to the participants’ first booth. The projected number of patrons were geared towards the muslim community which was something we wanted to banked on especially for the promotion of our charity concert feat. Raihan. We were excited to build up awareness through our booth programmes and activities that managed to shine a light on aspiring creative artists such as Ilya Hagi from Cali Gras,” our Business Development Manager, Sharifah Ameerah shared.

Many who stopped by our booth also had the opportunity of getting a calligraphy of their name when they donated $50 or more to our projects. Calligrapher Ilya Hagi joined us at the booth on both days, creating beautiful art pieces for our generous donors!

“At first when GER approached me, I somehow knew that it’s not going to be a paid job. And you do question these kinds of things, especially when it’s your livelihood. But why I decided to go ahead with this collaboration without hesitation was because of what they are doing in other parts of the world and in Singapore, their efforts unseen. It’s always nice to be a part of a humanitarian movement,“ Ilya shared.

Passers-by were also treated with a special 9/9 weekend sale of our Cahaya Iman Charity Concert tickets, exclusive for Category 1 and 3 tickets. Alternatively, they also had the chance to design their own brick for every $100 donation towards our Ma’had Ibnu Sina Brick Fundraiser!

We couldn’t miss a chance to carry out our signature Kindness Day, and during SELOKAL, we gave out a total of 400 free ice-creams to the public on both days! The unexpected gesture never failed to make the public smile and many were curious about what we did as an organisation.

We had an awesome time at SELOKAL 2023, and it was an honour to be part of the amazing community there. A huge thank you to SMCCI for organising this event, and to our generous donors who made it a success!

Don’t forget to grab your tickets for GERSG’s next big event – our Cahaya Iman Charity Concert with legendary Nasheed group Raihan! Proceeds from all ticket sales will go towards supporting elders, widows, orphans, and other vulnerable communities in Singapore.