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The Rewards of Feeding Others

While stating the reward of feeding others in Islam, Abdullah bin Salam R.A. reported, “I heard the Messenger S.A.W. saying, ‘O people, exchange greetings of peace (i.e., say: As-Salamu’ Alaikum to one another), feed people, strengthen the ties of kinship, and be in prayer when others are asleep, you will enter Jannah in peace.’”


Feeding the hungry is one of the most important actions that one can carry out in Islam. Our Beloved Prophet S.A.W. guided us to care for one another, feed the poor and give to the needy. Throughout history, there are countless narrations that illustrated how selfless the Prophet S.A.W. had been feeding others and sharing his blessings.

This honourable deed is an amazing way to bring the community together while taking care of the vulnerable. Do you know what are some rewards that you will get when you feed others? Read on below to find out!

It will be as if you saved all of humanity

‘Whoever saves one (life) – it is as if he had saved all of humanity’. (Qur’an, 5:32)

It might be something simple for us, but it might just provide a crucial lifeline for starving families worldwide.

When you feed others – especially those who are living in hunger daily – you are providing them with life-saving meals that they otherwise would go without. Besides our hot meals that we distribute, our Food Aid Packs are also able to sustain these underprivileged families for a few weeks at least. With it being a life-saving action, feeding others carries immense rewards in Islam.

Gain Jannah of Ar-Rahman

“Or feeding, on a day of severe hunger, an orphan of near relationship, or a needy person in misery. And then being among those who believed and advised one another to patience and advised one another to compassion. Those are the companions of the right.” Qur’an (90:14-18)

Those who feed the most needy are also referred to by Allah S.W.T. as among the “companions of the right”, those who will inherit Jannah.


A Beautiful Sadaqah

Most of the time, we view charity as something that we give to the poor in terms of monetary aid, but we tend to forget that sharing food is always a Sadaqah – with the intention of doing it for Allah S.W.T of course!

The Prophet S.A.W. said, “What you feed yourself is charity for you, what you feed your children is charity for you, what you feed your wife is charity for you, and what you feed your servant is charity for you.” (Bukhari)

Let’s take advantage of these rewards by feeding others, especially during the sacred month of Zulhijjah that is approaching soon. Your Qurban will be able to feed vulnerable families around the world, and gain you immense rewards.