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Almost Impossible For Them To Get Clean Water

Cambodia is facing a severe water crisis. Many communities lack access to clean, safe water, impacting their overall health and well-being. Without having access to safe and clean drinking water, people cannot sustain their basic life needs.

Global Ehsan Relief Cambodia is constantly working hard to help end the water crisis in Cambodia by constructing water wells for communities. With your support, our Global Ehsan Relief Cambodia team have successfully installed 97 Electric Water Wells (deep) for rural communities in Cambodia, benefitting more than 1,400 individuals.

Shortly after the Water Wells were installed in the Mondulkiri Province, our team followed-up and met beneficiaries to find out how the Water Wells had impacted them. When we arrived, the villagers were assembling, so we sat down with them to learn more about their situation. Mdm Sapriyah is one such villager that we met.

Mdm Sapriyah is a 41-year-old lady who is disabled and wheelchair-bound. Her parents passed away when she was a small baby. After the death of her parents, Mdm Sapariyah sank to the depths of despair as she had to depend on her sister, who was also struggling financially. To earn a living, Mdm Sapriyah assists the villagers with some chores, and she sometimes wanders around the village collecting plastic bottles and cans in return for either money or food.

During our visit, Mdm Sapariyah described the difficulties she and her family faced when there was no clean water source nearby.

She said: “Previously during the dry season, my brother-in-law had to transport water from the spring using a motorcycle-drawn trailer twice a day. The road leading to the spring is in poor condition, so transporting water is almost impossible.”

Sharifah, her 52-year-old sister, verifies her statement.

“During the wet season, the road is slippery and my husband needs to ride up and down the hill to transport a large volume of water daily. I was so worried about his safety, yet we had no other choice (to get clean water).”

After having received a new, accessible clean water source with the installation of the Electric Water Well, Mdm Sapriyah and family are now very happy as they can obtain clean water as much as needed.

“Now I have enough clean water (for daily needs such as) for drinking, bathing, and cooking, and I can also help my sister and my nieces to water livestock and pour crops around the house without worrying about running out of water anymore,” Mdm Sapriyah expressed with gratitude.

“I’m happy that you have provided us with this water well. I’m grateful beyond words. May Allah S.W.T. reward your excellent deed and bless you with everything in this world till the Akhirah,” she prayed for us.

You can play your part and help families like Mdm Sapriyah by building a Water Well, Ablution Place or even a Community Water Well to give rural communities a sustainable access to clean water! Donate now to prevent dehydration and change the lives of these families for the better.