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Our FIRST Solar Water Station in Pakistan

Pakistan; a country that sits at the crossroads of Asia and the Middle-East, a country that is geographically and culturally diverse, a country with the world’s fifth biggest population. This makes reaching everyone with essential, basic services an extremely challenging endeavour.

Sadly despite the country’s progress, more than 21 million people are still forced to drink dirty, inconsumable water. One in three people don’t have a decent toilet. 

The rugged landscapes, from dry deserts to remote mountain ranges are one of the reasons why it’s difficult to reach the people most affected by poverty. 

But here at Global Ehsan Relief, our team in Pakistan is working hard to combat these challenges and make clean water a normal part of the people’s daily life. We’re working hard to support local communities and give them the resources they need to claim their rights to the most crucial aspect of life – water. 

First Solar Water Station is Built in Pakistan

With the help of the community, we’ve constructed our first Solar Water Station in Tando Allah Yar District, Sindh Province in Pakistan. Before the installation of the well, villagers had no immediate access to clean water – forcing women and children to travel for miles daily to collect contaminated water.

The water well pump is powered by solar panels, which ignite the motor pump. This draws the water 500 feet away from the water bore and fills the tank with more than 9,500 litres of water. 

The water well provides clean, drinking water to approximately 4,000 people living in the village. Imagine thousands of people benefitting from a single water well! 


The impact of our first Solar Water Station is undeniable. With this, we aim to construct more of such water wells for other communities in Pakistan. 

This #Muharram, waqf a Solar Water Station in the name of the Prophet S.A.W and his family, and carry out an amazing act for villagers who are living in Pakistan. This sacred month, let’s help benefit a community for many years to come.