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More than just a Water Well

In places like Cambodia, in remote areas, there are plenty of villagers who don’t have access to clean water for daily consumption.

However, your donations have incredibly changed the lives of communities around the world. In particular, your contribution to our different Care for Clean Water projects have elevated the lives of people living in rural communities, far from access to clean water. 

Here, we share just some of the benefits that you have brought to the different communities in Cambodia, thanks to your donation in building Water Wells in villages in Cambodia!

Improving Lives, Providing Better Opportunities for Families

Uncle Karim lives with his two orphan children and obtaining water has been a struggle for him as he had to walk quite a distance to the lake that is too far from his house. He takes care of his children alone, has a low income and has a hard time finding water in his area. Additionally, the lake that he frequents gets drier and drier day by day because of the erratic weather. 

It took him a distance of 15 kilometers to reach the lake from his house and by the time he reached home, he had already run out of energy as it was such an exhausting journey. 

Alhamdulillah, Uncle Karim has now received the water hand pump from Global Ehsan Relief. He expresses his happiness in having easy access to a clean water supply so close to home.

“I would like to say thank you to all the donors, have good health and we are grateful for your good deed towards us. May Allah s.w.t. accept your amal and reward you with the best.”

More than just a Water Well

For brother Razim and his family, this is not just a water well; it is the water well that is giving him and his family hope for a better future. With this water well, brother Razim and his family have enough access to clean water to use daily – no longer do they need to spend many times collecting dirty water from the pond, or spend money. The water well gives them more time, and a better and healthier life. 

For families like Razim, these water wells are a crucial part of their improved lives. While we might take clean water for granted, people in communities like Razim’s family used to grapple with finding sufficient clean water. 

He is very grateful to those who always think about poor families like his. He wishes the sponsors a successful future and may Allah s.w.t. reward them with Jannah. 

Giving newborn a better head start for life

Sister Sofiya lives with her husband and their newborn baby. They both work as farmers – they don’t receive regular income and water is a crucial element in their job. 

On top of that, clean water is essential for their daily use, especially with the addition of their newborn baby. 

Especially for my newborn baby, he needs clean water to be healthy because he easily gets the effect from unclean water

Sister Sofiya, on the effects of unclean water for her baby

Before the water well was installed, Sofiya had to collect water from the pond nearby their house. The water had been so unclean that her baby had been affected with diarrhea. Additionally, she also spent money to buy a big pot, in which during the rainy season she used it to store the water from the rain. Unfortunately even through this way, the water was still unsafe for her newborn baby and was not enough for daily use. 

She expressed with joy that the water well is a valuable gift from Allah s.w.t.

“Thank you Global Ehsan Relief Cambodia for bringing this to us. My family and I wish for the best to the organisation and the donors and your families. May Allah s.w.t. reward you for what you did for our poverty-stricken community here,” expressed Sofiya sincerely.

These are some stories that have shown the impact of your donation and contribution to our Care for Clean Water projects. We urge you to continue giving your sadaqah and change the lives of communities that are in dire need of clean water. Every donation will provide clean water to the people who need it the most.

Don’t forget to share this amazing cause with your family and friends. As the Prophet s.a.w. said, “Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it” (Muslim).