Today • • 24 June

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Providing Swift Aid: Our Response to Sri Lanka’s Flood Victims

Sri Lanka, grappling with the increasing impact of climate change, recently faced a resurgence of floods, adding to the challenges posed by long drought spells. In response to this crisis, our Global Ehsan Relief Sri Lanka team swiftly initiated an aid response last month, targeting the urgent needs of flood victims in the Kinniya Division of Trincomalee District.

From the 20th to the 24th of December, our dedicated team worked tirelessly to alleviate food insecurity by distributing 300 hot meals daily for five consecutive days. The focus was on Solaivettuvan and Kathiradpanchenai villages, benefitting over 350 individuals who were severely affected by the floods.

Working in coordination with the Divisional Secretariat and local authorities, our team collaborated with nearby restaurants to ensure the efficient and safe delivery of hot meals. Even in the face of logistical challenges posed by a damaged main road, our commitment to reaching those in need remained unwavering.

An additional 1,000 hot meals also reached flood-affected areas in Pollanaruwa, Trincomalee, and Ampara. In Ampara, crucial food aid packs were distributed to provide sustained support to the villagers in the aftermath of the flooding.

Recognizing the diverse needs of affected communities, we prioritised essential items for families, including baby essentials. In Akkaraipattu Division, Ampara, we distributed baby milk packets to 250 families, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by families with young children during crises.

Our successful aid distribution reflects not only our commitment to immediate humanitarian response but also our dedication to the long-term well-being of vulnerable communities in crisis situations. While addressing immediate food needs, we are actively exploring opportunities for continued support, securing additional funding, and forming partnerships to ensure sustained assistance for flood-affected communities beyond the initial intervention.

Your continued support enables us to respond swiftly to their urgent needs and work towards long-term sustainable solutions. Together, let us build a future where vulnerable communities are resilient in the face of adversity.