Today • • 21 July

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Our Team’s Update in Morocco

The devastating earthquake that suddenly shook the lives of the people in Morocco is still leaving behind a trail of wreckage in its wake. The aftermath of the catastrophe left the Moroccans grieving for their mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, neighbours and friends. More than 3,000 have died and thousands of those affected are struggling to rebuild their lives. Survivors lost not just their homes, but everything in them.

However with your swift donations and strong support, our team has started delivering aid in Morocco to those severely in need of it. 

Over the weekend, our team successfully packed hygiene kits and ready-to-eat meals for distribution in the affected areas. They visited a total of five villages which were located in Amizmiz. According to our Head of Media & Communications staff Sufi Rohaizad who is currently on the ground, he witnessed “a completely different situation as compared to the recent earthquake in Turkiye.” 

Today, we visited a total of 5 villages in Amizmiz and witnessed a completely different situation compared to the recent earthquake in Turkey,”

Sufi Rohaizad, Head of Media & Communication, GER

“One of the major challenges we faced in providing aid to these villages (has been) the difficult terrain. Most of the villages are located in mountainous areas, with narrow and steep roads. This makes it challenging to transport aid supplies to these remote regions,” Sufi explained. 

The team visited Moulay Brahim, situated in the mountain region, where it took them almost two hours to reach the location. As bread is one of the main staple foods in the country, we distributed flour to the villagers.

Afterwards, we successfully distributed cooked meals in Amizmiz. Our team actively helped with the preparation of the meals – which included the famous traditional Moroccan dish, couscous –  and delivered it to their camps. 

Based on our team’s observation and conversations on the ground, we saw that the tents in the camps were not the same as the typical emergency tents that are weather-dependent. Many women also shared how they feel there is a lack of toilets in the area and that they would have to wait for a weekly delivery of public toilets.

However one thing that made it easier for our team was the Moroccan people themselves. They were supportive of our efforts, showed their appreciation and great enthusiasm. 

Our team is working hard to provide the care and support needed during this challenging time. Your support and prayers are crucial for the people of Morocco. 

Your support has been immense in ensuring that the survivors are receiving the aid they need. We urge you to continue supporting our Morocco Emergency Earthquake Appeal today.