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Poverty: Their Hidden Struggles

For Millions Around the World, Poverty is an Ever-Present Reality.

This International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we shed light on the hidden struggles of those trapped in extreme poverty, whose daily lives are marked by gruelling hours, dangerous conditions, and insufficient income. We bring you firsthand testimonials from our beneficiaries living in rural villages across the globe, where the fight against poverty is not just a concept, but a daily battle for survival.


For countless individuals and families in remote and marginalised communities, extreme poverty is a harsh, unrelenting force. These resilient souls work tirelessly, often in perilous, unregulated conditions, yet still struggle to earn enough to secure a basic standard of living. Their stories are a stark reminder that the fight against poverty remains an urgent and vital endeavour.

Untold Stories: Testimonials from Our Beneficiaries



Our team met Mr Weresam in Uganda, Africa. He has six children. Most of them are still very young. No one in the household is working, hence the family survives on simple domestic farming that they grow around the house. Without money, they just eat beans and cassava roots that they grow.

The biggest challenge that the family is facing is the lack of water and food. There’s only so much that they can harvest, but they cannot afford to buy anything else. Every night, the family is forced to sleep directly on the hard ground without any mattresses or blankets. With no proper toilet, all they can do is dig a hole. Just like most families in their village, they only get to eat meat once a year, during the Qurban season.



Yanfa, an orphan who is waiting for her Senior High School to start, stays with her younger brother and mother. Unfortunately, her father passed away four years ago due to a heart attack. His death had been a shock to the family; Yanfa’s mother refused to believe her husband had passed away because he was fit and healthy.

Yanfa’s younger brother was born prematurely and has zero motor skills on his left arm and hand. Being at the age of 6, he should be in elementary school but isn’t able to due to financial difficulties. While Yanfa’s mother sells iced tea popsicles for a living during the hot season to stay afloat, the family still struggles with financial security. Sometimes, the family only has 10,000 rupiah ($0.64 USD) to last them two weeks.

The Significance of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty



This International Day for the Eradication of Poverty serves as a poignant reminder that poverty is not just a statistic, but a complex web of human experiences. It calls for collective action to eradicate the harsh conditions many endure daily.

We call on you to provide aid to those living in poverty around the world. Through our many projects, such as our Orphan Sponsorship, where you can give monthly support to an orphan and their family, to our Food Aid Pack project, where you can feed a family for an entire month.