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Flooded with Grief – The Catastrophic Flood that Displaced Thousands

While floods in Malaysia are one of the most common natural disasters to hit the country – especially during the monsoon season – the flood that started on 17 December 2021 is said to be the worst experienced by the country in 30 years and one of the deadliest flooding in Malaysia’s history.  

As of 3rd January 2022, 50 lives have been lost, eight states affected while more than 125,000 people nationwide are affected by the heavy rain in the past two weeks alone. 

In addition, the number of flood evacuees seeking shelter at relief centres (PPS) in states such as Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah and Pahang increased compared to the day before. 

The country is still in the midst of recovering from the disaster that has wreaked havoc and overwhelmed large parts of the most developed state of Selangor and several Pahang districts. 

Homes are badly destroyed, while others have lost almost everything they own in a matter of minutes. 

“When I was at home, I didn’t have time to save anything so I saved myself first. By the time I got out of the house at 9.30pm, the water was already at chest level. Before the water level exceeded the door level, we decided to go straight out. My neighbours had already been out for a long time at that time”

Muhammad Zulfazli, Selangor flood victim

With all this happening, our Global Ehsan Relief Malaysian team knew swift action had to be taken to provide urgent relief. After preparations were finalised by the team, the first phase of the emergency flood relief was carried out on 21st December together with Sifu Bikerz and Ustaz Hafani Malik. The team visited the temporary shelter for flood victims in Selangor, in particular the Sri Muda area and Section 25. There were 62 victims currently residing there when they visited. 

Near the area of Lembah Klang, Selangor however the situation was still dire and our team was not able to personally go down to the affected site. 

Among the items that our team on the ground distributed were: 

  • Food packs
  • Baby essentials such as diapers and milk
  • Comforter 
  • Prayer wear
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Sanitary pads

The second phase of the emergency relief took place on 28th and 30th December in Pahang, in the Temerloh and Mentakab districts – the most affected districts. In these areas, there were an estimated 200 affected victims

Our team met three families who lost their entire property as a result of the flood. For these families, they expressed that they really needed a comforter, hygiene kits and food packs to last them for the next few days.

In Pahang, the State Disaster Management Committee Secretariat reported that there were more than 2,000 flood victims at 51 PPS in eight districts. 

Along with the teamwork from Gagak Rimba Group, led by Mr Khairul Anwar, 150 food aid packs, baby essentials & hygiene kits and beverages were successfully distributed to 150 affected victims

“This is my first experience facing a flood. Unexpectedly, the water level had reached a height of more than a foot from the floor. We thought it would only stay at that level. Unexpectedly at 3 o’clock, the water started to rise. Within an hour or two, the water level rose. Since I’m not good at swimming, I have to get out first,” shared Mr Kamalasevan, a Selangor flood victim that our team met. 

For many people like Mr Kamalasevan, the flood was unexpected. It was their first time experiencing a flood of that magnitude and they were not prepared for what came after. 

Even with the help that we have rendered, there are thousands who are still grappling with the aftermath of the flood. And on our part, we are still continuing to provide as much aid as we can to the people who need it the most. 

Rebuilding their lives after such a devastating disaster is certainly not easy, and it is certainly not something that the community can do on their own. 

Our team on the ground in Malaysia will continue to collect and distribute your donations and aid to the victims.

On our own part, let’s aim to contribute however much we can to the victims who are still battling the effects of the flood to this day. By contributing to our Global Emergency Appeal, you will be part of the community that is aiding the rebuilding of the victims’ lives.