Today • • 24 June

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Our Latest Distributions in Gaza

Alhamdulillah, Global Ehsan Relief has completed our latest round of distribution for Gaza, Palestine

Gaza, a small Palestinian territory on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, has been facing ongoing challenges related to its political and economic situation, which have exacerbated poverty levels in the area.

Due to a decade of blockades, its unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world, with more than 50% of young people not being able to find work. The lack of employment opportunities has resulted in many families being unable to afford basic necessities. 

Due to the conditions of the country, 80% of the population rely on foreign aid to survive, while 90% of their groundwater is non-consumable. 

The lack of access to reliable electricity, clean water, sanitation facilities as well as poor infrastructure have created additional challenges for the people of Gaza. It affects their daily life and hinders economic activities. In some cases, it has also contributed to the spread of diseases, which in turn increases the healthcare burden on the already struggling families. 

Throughout the year, we’re dedicated to ensure that our support for the people of Gaza are continuous. Thanks to your generous support, we successfully distributed these items during our latest distribution in Gaza: 

  • 200 Food Aid Packs

  • 300 Women Dignity Kits

  • 200 Bread Basket 

  • Clean Water (benefitted 500 families) 

  • 1,500 Hot Meals

  • And supplied 3 hospitals with fuel 

Your donations have tremendously elevated the lives of these families who are facing enormous challenges. 

With the sacred month of Zulhijjah coming up, fulfill your Qurban with Global Ehsan Relief while helping these families in Gaza. When you perform your Qurban in Gaza, vulnerable families will be able to get fresh, nutritious Qurban meat and nourishing meals that will make their Eid better. 

Rest assured that our partners in Gaza are taking the time and care to ensure that only animals of appropriate age and in the pink of health are chosen for your Qurban.

Together let’s continue supporting our brothers and sisters in Gaza.