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THROWBACK: Qurban 2021

Our Qurban impact last year

With Zulhijjah approaching, let’s take a look back at how Global Ehsan Relief’s Qurban Relief 2021 campaign went. 

Thanks to the strong support of our GER community, our Qurban campaign last year reached 272,650 people in 35 countries worldwide. Global Ehsan Relief has helped to implement Qurban for our beneficiaries across Asia, Middle East and Africa, with a focus on providing Qurban aid packages to orphaned families and widows in particular. 

The largest Qurbani program in the region of Asia took place in India’s West Bengal region, where over 500 animals were sacrificed. The meat was then distributed across hundreds of poor Muslim villages. Additionally, our Qurban program also included the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, the poorest families in Myanmar, and rural communities struggling with extreme poverty. 

Meanwhile in 15 African countries, nearly 75,000 beneficiaries were provided for during Qurban 2021! 

The largest program was in the central and western African countries of Cameroon, CAR, Chad, Malawi, Somalia and Somaliland. 1,210 goats and 118 cows were sacrificed and given out to thousands of families in the central districts and less fortunate areas of the capital, feeding hundreds of poor and orphaned families for the days of Eid.

We also launched new special Qurban packages – Prophetic Qurban, Qurban for Orphans, Qurban for Refugees and Qurban Emergency. Our special Qurban packages gave donors the opportunity to send humanitarian aid together with the fresh Qurban meat donations. 

These packages were made especially for orphans in Aceh, Indonesia, and for refugees in Syria, while our Qurban for Emergency Appeal was made to supplement the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal in India.

One recipient of our Qurban for Orphans package, Mdm Halimah, shared her plight with us. 

Living in Aceh Utara, Indonesia, Mdm Halimah, 46, is the mother of three children. Her husband had passed away in 2013 as a result of drug poisoning. As the sole breadwinner of the family, Mdm Halimah works as a tailor and unfortunately has an unstable income. She expressed her gratitude towards Global Ehsan Relief for sponsoring her daughter Zara’s education. Since the sponsorship, it has never been difficult to fulfil Zara’s school needs. She felt much happier to have received the meat and food aid pack which will be able to support the family’s living for a month.

Thank you for entrusting us with your Qurban every year. We hope that you will continue to support our Qurban Relief 2023 projects and together, let’s fulfil our sunnah while feeding the most needy worldwide.