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Our record-breaking Qurban Relief 2023!

Your Sacrifice this year has been our beneficiaries’ blessings on the days of Eid ul-Adha. We would like to say a massive thank you for contributing to our Qurban Relief 2023 campaign. MasyaAllah, our Qurban Relief 2023 has been a tremendous success – this year, we broke a new record of Qurban orders and it’s all thanks to you! 

As a result of your generosity, we were able to share the blessings of Eid with over 376,000 beneficiaries in 35 countries worldwide. Your charity provided them with much needed meat for them to enjoy good, nutritious meals on the blessed Eid days, as well as helping to sustain them in the weeks ahead.

Your Qurban in Asia, Middle East & Africa

This year, your Qurban donations helped to feed beneficiaries in nine Asian countries. The largest Qurban program in the region took place in India’s eastern region, in particular, in Bihar. There, your Qurban benefitted more than 92,400 beneficiaries. The fresh Qurban meat was then distributed across hundreds of poor Muslim villages.

While in the Middle East, your Qurban helped feed people from seven countries and in particular, refugees and internally-displaced people (IDPs). The meat of these animals brought life-saving food to thousands of families still recovering from the devastating effects of war and families who have no place to call home. 

In Africa, the region with more than 346 million people in hunger, your Qurban reached 19 African countries. Your generosity provided them with nutritious food to sustain them for at least the next month.

For instance in Uganda, our team from Singapore personally witnessed as many as 317 goats and 3 cows being sacrificed, feeding hundreds of starving families on the days of Eid.

Qurban for Orphans 

With more than 700 of our sponsored orphans living in Aceh and in poverty, we wanted to give an extra special Eid ul-Adha for them. While a Food Aid Pack or a kilogram of meat may not seem like much to us, to our beneficiaries it’s the difference between going to bed hungry and finally getting to have a fulfilling meal. On top of fresh Qurban meat, as many as 275 beneficiaries benefitted from a Food Aid Pack this Eid!

Qurban for Refugees

Our Qurban for Refugees package aimed to support Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, Rohingya refugees, as well as refugees in Yemen by providing them with Qurban meals and food aid packs. More than 5,000 beneficiaries benefitted from this package and our team had the blessed opportunity to meet some of these refugees from Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The impact that your Qurban had on these communities was undeniable.

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