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Day 14 Regain your iman, turn to the Noble Quran


Due to the virtues of Ramadan, it has been called by many virtuous names. Amongst many, it is known as the month of Al-Quran

An event that often occurs in the month of Ramadhan is the ‘Tadarus Al-Quran’, where members of the community would recite the holy book together, and participants would take turns to read to a certain extent. 

Some scholars have viewed that although it is also encouraged to recite the Quran at any time of the day, it is even more preferred to us to read the Quran at night. Just as the additional Sunnah prayers performed at night are highly valued, it is the same for the recitation of the Quran. 

Let us take this opportunity of the holy month, to be a part of the communal effort of preserving the Quran by learning how to recite it and internalising its meanings to embody the Quranic values in our daily lives. 

There are many rewards to reciting the Quran, especially in the blessed month of Ramadhan.

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