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The Impact of Your Water Wells in Cambodia

In the more rural areas of Cambodia, there are plenty of villagers who don’t have access to clean water for their daily consumption.

But together, our efforts have left a lasting and life-changing impact on these communities. 

Your sincere contributions to our Care for Clean Water projects have elevated the lives of individuals living in rural communities, living far from access to clean water.

Saves Time, Saves Energy

For Rawdoh, 45, she and her three kids are living in a town that has inadequate clean water for their daily use. The family lives in the Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia. Previously, Rawdoh struggled to get water from the nearest lake from her home – that took her around 30 minutes to an hour to travel to. Despite the long journey, the water that has been collected is dirty. She bears the heaviest burden to find clean water for her family.

As a result of your donation and support, it has helped to make her family’s life more convenient. With easy access to a source of clean water nearby, Rawdoh is now able to use the time saved to focus on her work. 

“Thank you for providing such a great water well near my home. To say that I am pleased would be an understatement. As a local farmer, water is essential for my work, and also crucial for my family’s daily needs.”

“Now, I feel overjoyed to receive this comfortable water well. There has been a great change. It is such a joy to have this water well. We are still rejoicing even now. Thank you to the donors for making our life more convenient, may Allah S.W.T. reward you for your good deed.”

No More Sacrifices Needed

In the saturated village of Thmey lives Mdm Sinah, a homemaker who resides with her husband and four young girls. With more than 600 inhabitants in the village, getting clean water isn’t as quick and easy as it seems with them depending on only a single water hand pump. The process was made worse when it broke down, leaving the community stuck in a critical water crisis.

“I usually walk more than two to five kilometres a day to get to my family’s water supply, which does not even cover my family’s need for a day. My husband also lost many of his livestock due to lack of water and a few of my daughters even had to drop out of school to provide me with household support.” 

Now with the existence of the water well made possible with your monetary aid, Mdm Sinah no longer needs to travel long distances just to get access to clean water. She also mentioned how grateful she was at the fact that her family does not need to make anymore sacrifices just to be provided with this rightful necessity of theirs, clean water.

“My children will finally be able to go to school and not have to worry. Their health has also made a vast improvement thanks to the clean water, which greatly reduces diarrheal diseases. My family’s finances are also more stable now that my husband can water his herd. 

Mdm Sinah, mother of four daughters

Strengthening Food Security and Agriculture

For one particular village in the Battombong Province, the construction of a community water well has elevated the lives of the whole community – especially when it comes to their own crops. 

In his village, Mr Yakob is entrusted by the villagers with agriculture. As a farmer, he understands the importance of clean water to produce food. Agriculture needs water to grow. 

With the growing demands from human activities and climate change, many regions especially in the rural areas – like Mr Yakob’s village – are struggling to find enough freshwater to meet their needs. 

“How can we continue growing food without letting nature go thirsty for clean water? More efficient use of water in agriculture would certainly help. We spend a lot of money to buy water for our agriculture. We also need water to use in our day to day needs, hence my wife and daughters had to spend an hour to get water from the pond. The water in the pond is dirty, posing a high risk for us to use,” Mr Yakob shared with our team. 

Other than expressing how important clean water is for agriculture, Mr Yakob also expressed great hope that his community will be able to lead better lives from here on out. The construction of the community water well in their village has enabled them to save money, time and elevate their health and agriculture.

These are some stories that have shown the impact of your donation and contribution to our Care for Clean Water projects. We urge you to continue giving your sadaqah and change the lives of communities that are in dire need of clean water. Every donation will provide clean water to the people who need it the most.

Don’t forget to share this amazing cause with your family and friends. As the Prophet S.A.W. said, “Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it” (Muslim).