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Lebanon: A Country in Crisis

The political and economic situation in Lebanon has caused many of their own to suffer. 

The crisis in Lebanon has drowned the country since 2019. Its national currency has lost 98% of its value. For the third year running, inflation has been in the three-figure percentages. 

Things are worsened by the global food and fuel crisis which has aggravated the already distressing situation. 

Lebanon’s population is facing increasing poverty levels, food insecurity and even disease outbreaks. A staggering four million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, just to meet their basic needs. This includes 1.5 million displaced Syrians and 2.2 million vulnerable Lebanese.

Approximately 80% of Lebanese are living in poverty, with 36% currently below the extreme poverty line. More than 90% of Syrian refugees in the country cannot cover their basic needs. 

According to the UN Refugee Agency, Lebanon hosts the highest number of refugees per capita worldwide. These refugees tend to reside in unacceptable, substandard conditions – tents that are not fit for one to live in permanently. Just last year in October, the country declared their first cholera outbreak since 1993, making situations harder for those living without shelter and protection. 

A few months back during our Winter Deployment, our team met a seasoned camp representative and volunteer Mr Taufiq in Aarsal, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. Mr Taufiq himself is a Syrian refugee.

“Here, the nights are colder than the days, and families are very much in need of diesel instead of shelters to keep ourselves warm. As some families are headed by widowed mothers, they would be unable to put the shelters up themselves.”

Since each pack has 4 pieces, they would go to the market to sell all but one so that they can buy food. With the money that she’s made from selling the shelters, she would then pay someone to put it up for her,”

Mr Taufiq, Syrian refugee in Lebanon

Qurban in Lebanon

This Eid ul-Adha, we aim to elevate the lives of the most vulnerable individuals worldwide with fresh Qurban meat, especially for the individuals in Lebanon. For just $255, you will be able to feed those who are suffering in Lebanon with your Qurban of a goat. Your sacrifice will be their Blessings, insyaAllah.