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Give big and give now for Palu

Let us share with you a real-life short story on one of the people that our heroes met during their humanitarian trip to Palu, Indonesia. This is the story of Firman Shah.

“A young man, married with a wife and has a son. His wife called and said that there is an earthquake at Donggala. But he said he was busy and he didn’t really think about it, so he just carried on. Then the earthquake hits where he was, and he went to the roof. His leg somehow got captured in the roof and got cut really badly. He then walked 10 kilometres to the hospital to get his leg seamed,” told Faraz (from Islamic Help), who heard the experience from Firman.

Faraz continued, saying that Firman was looking beyond the situation. Although Firman was searching for his wife and son, he is still optimistic and hopeful that he will find them. Can you imagine if it was you? Are we all prepared to be facing a similar challenge to this?

“Can you imagine right now, in Palu, there are husbands and wives, sons and daughters, babies and children, just praying and hoping that their families are alive under that rubble. Because we hear stories every now and then about a baby that survived for two weeks under that rubble,” Faraz continued.

After hearing news like these, victims would be alarmed, thinking, “So maybe it’s my wife, that will survive.” “Maybe my husband will survive.” “Maybe my son, maybe my daughter will survive.” And so on.

But one thing that we all agree, is said by our brother Faraz that, “It’s such a difficult time. Allah tests only those whom He loves. Maybe perhaps you and I will not be able to deal with this test without losing our imaan. But these people, subhanAllah, you’ve seen the videos, all they do is making dzikir, all they do is remembering Allah. These are the people that we want to help. We are able to take your funds and translate that into life-saving aid within a very short period of time. InsyaAllah in 5-10 days, it will be in the hands of these beautiful people. Food, water, shelter, medicine, whatever that they need to survive and get through this.”

Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal for whatever happened is by the will of Allah swt. Faraz continued, “but I just want you to reflect on that; that right now, there is father out there, there is a mother out there, there is a young daughter, young son, just making du’a to Allah, praying to Allah, that their families are alive and well. Remember them in your du’as, pray for them and don’t forget them. Give big and give now. Jazakallah.”

If you are reading this and wish to help the victims in Palu, please feel free to click on this link: Donate with what you have. May all your contributions bring ease to the people there.