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Our Staffs’ Book Recommendations

“Reading is an escape from the troubles of the real world, a way for me to travel to places I could only ever dream of seeing, and going on adventures unlike any other. But most importantly, it’s a way to learn new things – to grow and change as a person.”

When we’re looking for the next great read, we browse bestseller lists, scroll through Goodreads and BookTok, and ask friends for their recommendations. 

To commemorate International Literacy Day, we asked our GER staff members what book recommendations they have! 

If you’re an enthusiastic bookworm like us, there are some gems for you to add to your booklist this weekend:

A Thousand Splendid Suns by khaled hosseini

“The language is beautiful, and the character development is fantastic!”

This book is just a glimpse into what war does to a country and its people. This story is about family, friendship and a love that triumphs over death and destruction.

 Loss Adjustment by Linda Collins

“My friend recommended this book and I think that it’s a good book that helps us understand the strong emotions that come with grief and loss.”

It’s about a mother’s unfiltered and honest feelings after the passing of her only daughter from suicide

Book of Aphorism: Being a translation of Kitab al-Hikam by Imaam Ibn Ataillah Al-Iskandari 

“It is a relatively thin and light book, although profound in meaning, which makes it a good choice for those new to reflective reading.”

It consists of concise spiritual advice heavily based on the Qur’an and Sunnah to those seeking God and a means of guide for our daily conduct and character.

 Healing Carefulliy & Love, Liy by Nurliyana Rahmat

“Anyone else also seeking for Allah’s Hope, Guidance and Love will surely be able to relate to her sharing of overcoming life’s challenges, embracing purpose and Allah’s plans to a degree. The short chapters and digestible vocabulary makes these 2 books a good entry point for those only beginning to inculcate the habit of reading.”

Both books are basically a collection of the author’s journal writings and letters to her readers, in the span of her own personal spiritual journey on the path towards Allah.

 Talk to Allah by Ayesha Syahira

“I always thought that to connect with Allah S.W.T, we must make dua in Arabic. Growing up in a family that practises modern lifestyles, all I knew was that my late mother will pray and dua in Arabic because she was a Madrasah student. Growing out, I didn’t know that we can make dua anytime, anywhere, even when we’re not praying. Ever since I completed this book, I communicate less with humans and speak naturally with Allah S.W.T. in my own language, my own way, and most importantly, in my own time when I need The Almighty the most. This book made me gradually solely depend on Allah S.W.T. in any situation that I’m dealing with.”

The author teaches us how to reconnect spiritually and physically to Allah SWT. The list of Dua and Zikr available in the book is amazing for newly Hijrah ladies. You will be amazed by it and also, this book is addictive. You will complete it in no time and you will re-read it again and again.

When Desire Takes Over by Abdus Subhan Dalvi

“The author is unafraid to share his personal observations and opinions of today’s Muslims – including college students and mosque congregants who search for love in the wrong manner. It is refreshing to read. At the same time, he is acutely aware of the struggles we face, is sympathetic to them, and gives sincere, practical advice. I believe everyone can benefit from this book in one way or another.”

This is a book relevant and useful for anyone exposed to our hypersexualised society a.k.a everyone. Love, lust, infatuation, attraction, loneliness, marriage… The book speaks of all these through the author’s lenses, guided by his Islamic knowledge. The author also provides tips on how to remain steadfast on the path of righteousness as we navigate social relationships and pursue love.

Keeping The Faith by Syed Isa Semait

“I am pretty sure local youths in Singapore who grew up with MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura, also known as the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore) already being an established authority on everything Islamic, would benefit greatly from reading this book and learning about one of the key figures responsible and who contributed significantly to that. I personally did not know of Shaykh Syed Isa Semait before picking up this book, and left it awed and greatly inspired.”

This book chronicles our previous and long-serving Singapore Mufti’s life story from childhood up till his retirement from the position of Mufti in 2010. This book is not just a biography of an esteemed local scholar, but chronicles the history and growth of the Muslim community of the nation through the times as well, as they navigate the country’s rapid development and change.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

“The lessons and experiences from this book have stuck with me long after I completed reading it. Malcolm X’s words and impact are just so influential, it’s no wonder that he inspired so many people through his fiery speeches. The fact that all he advocated for in the past are still relevant in our day and age amazes me. It taught me that the issues that started decades ago are still present in our generation and there’s so much more that needs to be done to make this world a better place.”

An autobiography that chronicles the life of an influential leader of the civil rights movement, from being a street hustler to reigniting the spirits of thousands of people in his community.

Eleanor and Park

“A book that I go back to every single time for comfort! I feel like everyone should have the one thing that they go to for comfort and this book is definitely mine.” 

An intrinsic look into a high school love story that upholds friendship and trust in light of racism, bullying, broken families and more. 

Song of Achilles by Madeleine Miller 

A chilling act of true love manipulated by forces that look far ahead and from above.

The Housemaid by Freida McFadden

An extremely clever and brilliant story telling of falling in love with the wrong person.

The Professor and The Madman by Simon Winchester

The excruciating tragic tale of the 2 men that made the oxford dictionary, extraordinary.