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Reaching New Heights for Humanity

Beyond fundraising, these events bring people from diverse backgrounds under one common cause.”

Global Ehsan Relief UK

Do you imagine yourself enjoying a hike along a scenic location, all in the name of charity?

That’s what our volunteers over at the United Kingdom (UK) recently went through – all in the name of supporting our Global Ehsan Relief projects! 

Our incredible volunteers scaled the towering heights of Mount Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Ben Nevis, all in aid of building Syrian homes!

Their efforts are also part of the National Three Peaks Challenge, consisting of Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis and Snowdon. Scafell might be the smallest of the National Three Peaks, but it doesn’t make it an easy climb! Standing at 978 meters, Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England. It is also a war memorial protected by the National Trust. It is set in beautiful scenery, with access to the beautiful Lake District and thus provides for an incredible mid-mountain trek for the Three Peaks challenge.

“This event is a remarkable endeavor where our dedicated team of hikers is taking on the challenge of climbing the three highest peaks in the UK – Mount Snowdon, Scafell Pike, and Ben Nevis. They are not only conquering these peaks but also dedicating their efforts to raising funds for Global Ehsan Relief’s Syrian Homes project. This initiative aims to provide essential shelter and housing for displaced Syrian families who have been affected by the ongoing crisis,” our Global Ehsan Relief UK staff member shared. 

Amidst the extreme wind and rain, our volunteers braved through the elements and triumphed over Mount Snowdon. Each step they took had been a step towards building brighter futures for Syrian families. 

Sadia Sajid was amongst the group of hikers that our team had the pleasure of meeting. Even prior to the Charity Hike, Sadio and team had successfully raised funds to help Syrian families, during the blessed month of Ramadhan! 

“We attended a fundraising event during Ramadhan this year and saw the hard work and efforts made by GER. We pledged there and then as a team to raise £10,000 to help Syrian families.”

“Convincing people to sponsor us has been challenging as they’ve not heard of GER. Most people don’t get to see their donations actually getting to those who need it and how that money is distributed and how much of what you give actually reaches those in need,” Sadia expressed. 

Sadia shared about the importance of everyone’s contribution, no matter how small they think it might be. 

She added: “As a team we’ve come to understand, no matter how small your efforts may seem to you, it means a whole lot to those it reaches, even though to us it may seem like a drop in the ocean.”

For GERUK, programmes and events such as the recent Charity Hike is an innovative way to garner the support of the community for our Global Ehsan Relief projects worldwide.

“Events like this play a pivotal role in our mission to broaden and strengthen the Global Ehsan Relief community in the UK. As well as coming together as individuals, #TeamGER volunteers are contributing in a global initiative that spans continents, all with a shared goal of making the world a better place. Beyond fundraising, these events bring people from diverse backgrounds under one common cause.”

Charity programmes such as the Charity Hike definitely brings together individuals who care about the same cause. It gives them the golden opportunity to share their thoughts and discuss fresh, new ideas with like-minded people in a positive setting. It presents you with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and takes you out of your comfort zone. 

Whether you’re taking up the challenge for charity, or a more personal endeavour, you’ll be guaranteed to have a meaningful experience nonetheless! With our help, you’ll have gained a worthwhile experience, while helping an incredibly worthy cause in the process. 

This September, we’ll be travelling to Sri Lanka for our mission trip. Sign up as a volunteer today to not miss the opportunities of bringing hope, joy, and positive change to the communities we’ll be serving. Together, join us to reach new heights for humanity!