Today • • 26 May

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Eid-tiquettes for Eid Visiting!

It’s the time of Eid! It is centred around celebrating the end of the fasting month, showing gratitude to Allah S.W.T. and spending time with family, friends and our community. 

It’s also the month of visiting! BUT before you go out for Eid visiting, we’re sharing with you some Eid-tiquettes to reduce the prospect of awkward moments during Eid, and also respecting the hosts!

1. Don’t come unannounced / Call or text ahead

Showing up when your hosts aren’t expecting you can make them feel pressured, especially if they haven’t had a chance to prepare anything! Just as you would prefer a heads up before people come to your house, do your hosts the courtesy of calling or texting ahead to let them know you’re on the way.

2. Be sensitive, have meaningful conversations instead

It’s Eid, which means it’s the time for happy gatherings and joyous moments! Don’t ruin the mood of Eid with trivial conversations about others, or questions that might hurt the person you’re asking it to.

From spending too much time on your phone, scrolling mindlessly on social media or taking too many selfies, be mindful when you’re a guest in someone’s house! Be merry, have conversations with relatives or friends you haven’t met in a while, and keep things positive!

3. Eat what has been prepared for you

A fact synonymous with Eid is the amazing spread of delicious food! 

When you visit multiple houses in a day, sometimes it’s hard to please your hosts and it might not seem polite to reject their invitation to eat. 

If you plan to visit many houses in a day, try to minimise your food intake at every house, so that you have room to eat something at each house! 

Refusing to eat might hurt the feelings of your hosts. 

4. Don’t overstay

While you’re visiting, you might see new guests coming in – it’ll be good to take the cue to leave if you’ve stayed for more than a few hours! 

Out of courtesy, your host is likely to persuade you to make yourself feel at home – but don’t take that literally! During Eid, your friends and families’ houses are bound to see many guests throughout the day, hence it’s best not to overstay your welcome.