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The Significance of Water in Muharram

Alhamdulillah, we find ourselves at the start of another Islamic new year with the arrival of Muharram! As one of the 4 sacred months in Islam, Muharram is not only a time of new beginnings for all Muslims, but also a blessed month in which good deeds can earn manifold rewards,

As part of our celebration of this sacred month, our team at Global Ehsan Relief is launching a campaign to bring life-changing clean water to communities in need, saving lives and giving our donors a chance to earn ongoing rewards.

But, you might ask, why water specifically?

Here are some reasons why water plays a big role in the blessed month of Muharram!

1. Water changes lives

As one of the 4 sacred months chosen by Allah S.W.T., every good deed in the month of Muharram carries more weight and earns you more rewards.

So imagine what happens when you give the gift of water to someone who needs it!

For the almost 2 billion people who struggle every day without access to clean and safe drinking water, your sadaqah literally changes their lives. What better way to celebrate our Muharram than by helping those in need while also earning lifelong rewards for our Akhirah!

2. Commemorating a sacrifice

In the year 61 AH, the Prophet’s S.A.W. grandson Husayn ibn Ali and his companions were killed in a bitter war. Prior to the battle, he and his party – many of whom were women and children – were denied safe passage, and were trapped in their camp with no access to food or water for 3 or more days.

To commemorate their courage and sacrifice, many Muslims make it a point to give water to those who, like Husayn and his companions, are unjustly deprived of it.

3. New year, new ways to do good

Most importantly, Muharram is the start of a new year for Muslims all around the world. For many, this is a chance to improve on their existing efforts to earn Allah’s favour, and maybe even take on new challenges!

If you’d like to try your hand at fundraising for a worthy cause, check out our Care for Clean Water projects to learn more about how you can get your community involved in making a difference. You’ll find easy instructions to set up your own fundraising page, ideas, and ways to spread the word.

Clean water is vital to life, and an essential right for all peoples. As we move into a new year and look forward to new things, let’s remember to make time for our fellow people who are still left behind. Let’s work together to save lives by giving the gift of water!

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