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Our Mass Iftar with Orphans in Sri Lanka!

Just a week ago, Global Ehsan Relief Sri Lanka organised a special Iftar program, our Mass Iftar with Orphans! Held on 6th April at the Grand Pearl Hotel in the Mutur division of the Trincomalee district, a total of 500 individuals including the sponsored orphans and their guardians were present.

The Mass Iftar with Orphans program increased the social cohesion and participation of families headed by widowed mothers. The orphaned children and their guardians were treated to Iftar with a delicious spread of food and fun activities. 

Razeena, our GER Sri Lanka staff, shared how the event went: 

“Alhamdulillah the entire Global Ehsan Relief Sri Lanka team is blessed to have organised such a beautiful mass Iftar for our Orphans here in Sri Lanka. As you can see, there are many children gathered here to have a beautiful Iftar together. We have gathered nearly 500 Orphaned children in Sri Lanka to have the mass Iftar today.”

“A child who lives in an underprivileged country like Sri Lanka experiences Ramadhan differently than a child who lives in a prosperous nation. We always believe that poverty should not be a reason for children to not enjoy their childhood. Let us join together to make this world a beautiful and happy place for these children to live in.”

“Alhamdulillah, Jazāk Allāhu Khayra for each and everyone of you who have contributed to help our orphans.” 

In honour of World Orphans Day on April 20th, we aim to give our orphaned families a special Iftar night to remember – a fun-filled night for them to enjoy and spend some quality time together with us. Join us in making this Ramadhan a #MonthofHope for these orphans in need. 

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