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Keeping the Spirit of Ramadhan Alive

At the beginning of Ramadhan, the arrival of the blessed month is an indescribable feeling. Muslims find solace in Ramadhan, a time when hearts heal and we strive towards the path of Allah S.W.T. 

For most of us, we stumble at the start of the blessed month as we find our footing while fasting daily and praying late at night. It’s a transition that we all work through and eventually, we get into the swing of things. 

What Have We Gained in Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah in Ramadhan we not only reap rewards, but we also break old habits and make new, better ones. Most of us take advantage of the blessed month by getting more involved in the community, stepping up our worship and seeking a more meaningful understanding of the Qur’an. Through all these, we get a taste of how satisfying pursuing the pleasure of Allah S.W.T. can feel. 

However Ramadhan is not a one-time annual fire sale – it’s not a month where you reap all the good deeds for less effort and that’s that. It’s important to preserve the beauty of Ramadhan in our hearts, until we’re blessed to welcome it again in a year. Here we share a few ways on keeping the spirit of Ramadhan alive in our heart and in our lives! 

Be consistent with your worship

“The most beloved of deeds to Allah S.W.T. are those that are most consistent, even if it’s small,”

The Prophet, (Bukhari)

Be among those who Allah S.W.T. love by being consistent in your worship. Even if it’s as little as giving sadaqah after subuh, donating a small amount daily or reciting the same number of dhikr everyday. 

Set goals 

Before Ramadhan, we all set our Ramadhan goals that we aimed to achieve. These goals helped us get somewhere in our worship, helping us strive towards the path of Allah S.W.T. 

Now, it doesn’t matter if you fell short of your Ramadhan goals. Set new goals for your worship, know that everyday is a new day to be better, whichever month of the year it is. 

Pro tip: Stick your goals to your fridge, or set a reminder on your phone for you to reflect back on your goals every couple of weeks! 

Preserve your relationship with the Qur’an

In Ramadhan, many strove to complete the Qur’an and spent hours with the holy book. The Qur’an gave us tranquility and brought so much peace in our hearts. 

Now beyond Ramadhan, preserve the relationship that you treasured deeply in the holy month by continuing to engage with the Qur’an. As a start, set aside 10-15 minutes after praying your fardhu prayer to read or even listen to the Qur’an

Keeping your relationship with the Qur’an alive will help you to hold onto the spiritual feeling that you craved for in Ramadhan. 

Continue giving regular Sadaqah (Charity)

The Prophet S.A.W. said, ‘Sadaqah extinguishes sins just as water extinguishes fire’. (Sunan Ibn Majah)

Alhamdulillah, we stepped up our sadaqah and charity in the month of Ramadhan. But did you know that our beloved Messenger S.A.W. also gave regular charity for the rest of the year, and encouraged his family and Companions R.A to do likewise? 

Giving charity and helping the people most in need of our aid is also a way for us to increase our provision and seek forgiveness. One honourable way of setting up a regular sadaqah payment is by Sponsoring an Orphan where your monthly donations can change the life of an orphan for the better. 

We’ve instilled the habit of sadaqah in the month of Ramadhan – let’s continue it!

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