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Qurban in Aceh, Indonesia

In Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, 22.9 million people are unable to meet their dietary requirements. Global Ehsan Relief has been performing Qurban in Aceh, Indonesia for many years now. Below, our Project Manager, Zafirah, shared about #MyQurbanExperience in Aceh, Indonesia back in 2019!

“Back in 2019, I went to Aceh for a Qurban trip with some of the staff. My dad was also one of the volunteers that went along with me. If I can recall, it was actually my first time doing Qurban overseas, so I honestly did not know what to expect, but I was excited to see the Qurban being done live.

So we went to this village where there was this orphanage. The Qurban was carried out outside the orphanage itself. After being slaughtered, it was divided into portions for each family – for the needy and for the children. And then some of us went to different parts of the village to distribute door-to-door, whereas my dad and I stayed behind to distribute to the families that came by.

The most memorable part of the trip was the whole experience of being there. When they received the pack from us, they were so happy, so thankful that their children were able to eat meat, because they only get to eat it once a year. So most of them cannot even afford basic necessities, other food items, so what more fresh meat? So through Global Ehsan Relief, through the donations of our GER community, we’re able to carry out the amanah of doing this for the beneficiaries.

Most of the time, they don’t have the convenience to get the meat products. For us in Singapore, it’s very different, we can just walk into a restaurant, we can just open our food app like GrabFood and FoodPanda. But for them, it’s entirely different. And it can only happen to them once a year.

I think I would like to go to one of the African countries like Mali or Somaliland because I feel like the percentage of people who are poor is more there. At the same time, I want to be able to do my part to help the people there.”

This year, our Qurban Relief 2024 has just started!

This Eid ul-Adha, follow in the footsteps of the prophets by performing a Qurban sacrifice, from just $50, which will provide fresh meat to the most needy families in 38 countries.

Through our Qurban for Orphans package, you can also help hundreds of orphans and widows living in poverty celebrate Eid ul-Adha by giving as little as $250. Your Qurbani donations will help provide fresh Qurban meat to impoverished orphaned families in Aceh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.