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Day 13 Be Steadfast in Your Prayers


Salah, or prayer, is the second pillar of Islam. It is the key to our success not only in this world, but the hereafter. Thus it is crucial for us to perform our prayers as perfectly as possible for it to be accepted by Allah S.W.T, the Almighty. 

Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand the significance of khusyu’ – the sincerity and concentration of an individual during their prayers. Ideally, we all want to focus on nothing else but our conversation with the Almighty – but no, we tend to rush our prayers due to our worldly, without realising that our Creator may not accept our insincere act of worship. 

During this blessed month, let us not take our prayers for granted. 

One tip to help obtain khusyu’ in prayers, as mentioned by our Prophet S.A.W. is by remembering death. 

“Remember death in your prayer, for the man who remembers death during his prayer is bound to pray properly, and pray the prayer of a man who does not think that he will pray any other prayer.” (Reported by al-Suyooti). 

When an individual goes into prayer with the mindset that this could be their final act of worship, they will definitely perform it the best they could.

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